Storage with Serenity Movers

When you need extra space, whether it’s for a short-term move or for a long-term storage situation, turn to storage by your local NYC movers. Our storage facilities are second-to-none, and you’ll find that our storage is very affordable: you never have to pay for space you’re not using.

It can be stressful to have all of your belongings in storage rather than under your watchful eye, but when you know your belongings are in a secured, professional facility monitored by people you trust, you can relax, knowing that your storage items are in good hands.

Pay only for the storage space you use

We don’t like the idea of paying for something we’re not using, and we assume our customers feel the same way. That’s why we’ve developed a unique way of charging for storage. Instead of paying for an entire room, our customers pay for storage by the cubic foot. You’ll never pay for half of an unused storage room. Just pay for exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Sign up today and get your first month of storage for free and compare our storage rates to the competition.

Serenity Movers Storage Facilities

Whether you’re looking for a short-term storage situation during the middle of a residential or commercial move or you need a place to stash heirlooms that don’t fit in your current home, you’ll feel good about the quality of Serenity Storage. Our facilities have state-of-the-art security systems, fire control systems, and substantial space. If you’re looking for storage peace of mind, you’ve found it.


We know that moving can be expensive, so we regularly offer promotions for our high-quality storage services. Right now, we are offering one month of free storage. Check back frequently for current promotions and save on our already low storage rates.


Learn more about our pricing structure and get a quote for your personal storage needs.

5’x10’ (Small Studio)

200 ft3


5’x15’ (Large Studio)

300 ft3


10’x10’ (Small One Bedroom)

400 ft3


10’x15’ (Large One Bedroom)

600 ft3


 10’x20’ (Two Bedrooms and Up)

800 ft3


As you can see, Serenity Movers storage can make your life easier. Our storage is a perfect landing spot for your belongings before, during, and even after your upcoming move. Contact us for an estimate or for answers to your storage questions.