5 things you should know before moving to a high rise building in Manhattan

Moving to a high rise building in Manhattan might be a little different from what you may have experienced in the past. With so many floors and little apartment space, you might have to deal with situations and challenges you probably didn’t expect before. Not exactly sure where to start? Check out our guide to moving in Manhattan. There are many NYC Movers and office movers out there ready to help, so here’s some information to help you move into a high rise apartment!

Make a floor plan  

If you’re moving from a house in the suburbs, it’d be a good idea to make a floor plan of what you should or shouldn’t bring to your new apartment. There is a lot less space in these apartments than you might expect, so it might be a good idea to get rid of any unnecessary furniture or extra clothes. This will be useful if you are moving from a house to an apartment

Moving to a Manhattan high rise building. Using Floor plan,
Use a floor plan to plan your move

Get a storage unit

It may seem like another expense, but trust me, it’s worth it. Consider getting a local storage unit for any offseason clothing you might not need or use right away, and to keep any other items you just can’t part with. If you want to learn more about Serenity Storage, check out our FAQ. It can also be beneficial for you in the future to have a storage unit on hand, just in case you come across anything you want or need and don’t have enough space in your apartment. Serenity Storage has you covered! 

Get a Free Month of Storage Now!


Make sure you have your apartment cleaned

You should try and make sure your apartment is cleaned before you move into it. There are thousands of people that live in these high-rise buildings, and probably a good number of people lived in your apartment before you even thought of living there. So it might be best to arrange with your landlord some sort of cleaning service to go through your apartment and make sure everything is spotless before you move in. It might cost you a bit of extra money, but you’ll have some more peace of mind knowing you don’t need to clean your apartment, on top of all the other stuff you have to do. Check out our 8 reasons to hire a cleaning company for your move

Moving to a high rise building in Manhattan. Clean your apartment before-hand.
Make sure to have your apartment cleaned before moving in


Hire a moving company that has a certificate of insurance

 Hiring a New York moving company s going to be extremely favorable for you when you see how much you have to move, and how long it’ll take for you to move into a building of that size. There are moving companies whose specialty is moving to a high rise building in Manhattan. They have with insured movers so it’s worth looking at your options. Many local movers in the area are very reputable and can make moving into a large building much easier on your part. Make sure you look into a locksmith company as well. 

When you hire this type of moving company, you not only hire their movers’ muscles, you hire all the experience, know-how, and expertise these moving companies have in moving to a high rise building in Manhattan.  Any moving company you consider must have a certificate of insurance for at least  $1,000,000. This means that they are insured for this amount for any damage that might happen to the building during the move. Most large buildings in Manhattan will not allow any moving company that does not present a certificate of insurance (COI) to work in the building.

Moving company in NYC, certificate of insurance, Moving to a high rise building in Manhattan
Hire a Moving company that has a Certificate of Insurance


Make sure you get a guaranteed price

When you move, it’s important to get the best and most accurate price before you move. You don’t want to be finished with everything and then find out there were some hidden fees, or you end up paying way more than your original estimate. Make sure to get a moving price guarantee before you start your move. Check out this page if you want to learn more about Serenity’s moving price guarantee.

Good luck moving into your new high-rise building
Good luck moving into your new high-rise building

Coordination is Key!

 This is one of the most important aspects of moving to a high-rise building in Manhattan. With a building of that size, a population that large, it’s important to have some coordination with the building you’re moving into ahead of time. Talk to the management company and reserve a freight elevator and a parking spot near the building for the time of the move. Reserving a freight elevator is key because, the building only allows moving through the service elevators and at the end of the month, when a lot of people are moving, these elevators tend to book very quickly. A parking spot close by will also save you some time bringing your belongings to your building, thus saving you time and money.  

Try to book the elevators well in advance. Leases usually end at the end of the month or on the 15th of the month. If you intend to move on these dates, make your arrangements months in advance, so you can make sure that you can move at the date and time of your choosing.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be sure to have an easier moving experience than you might have anticipated. Moving to a high rise building in Manhattan can be tough, so why not make it easier on yourself by following these guidelines? For more information about moving in NYC Check out our Serenity Movers moving promotions where you can get $100 off your next move or $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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