5 Ways a New York City Professional Mover Can Reduce Moving-Day Stress

professional movers in NY

professional NYC moversExperience and street-smarts are what you’ll get with a professional moving company in New York City. Here’s why you shouldn’t try to go it alone on moving day.

1. Local professional movers are city-street savvy

Are you comfortable driving in New York City? Even if you are and you consider yourself as experienced as a cabbie, you’re probably not aware of the many street regulations that could all but ruin moving day. Not to mention the added anxiety of handling an unfamiliar rental truck.

Local movers know their way around city streets. They know where it’s safe and legal to unload a truck, and they understand street parking signs and regulations, such as alternate side restrictions for street cleanings. A professional mover will get your personal property to its new home, and you don’t have to worry about one-way streets, traffic, and finding a parking space.

2. Experienced city movers can take on a walk-up, a small elevator, and even a bad-tempered landlord.

There is every type of building in the five boroughs. When you move within the city, your mover must know how to get your possessions out of their current location and into your new home. Some buildings have restrictions on when moves can take place, such as on weekends, holidays, and after business hours. Before moving day, talk with your moving company about any potential problems they might face getting your family heirloom up the narrow stairwell or your baby grand piano into a freight elevator. Professional movers have both the brains and brawn to maneuver everything safely into your new home.

3. Professionals have the necessary equipment for apartment moves

The tools of the trade are what makes the claims you just read possible. Professional movers will provide you with information on the right packing supplies to keep your valuables safe while in transit. They will arrive on moving day with moving blankets for your furniture. Dollies, hand trucks, and hoisting and lifting straps will keep everything and everybody safe. Professionals have the tools to dismantle and reassemble items (your canopy bed, for example) so that they aren’t damaged in the move.

And you and your friends won’t end up in the emergency room.

4. Insurance is a must

Many New York City buildings will not allow movers (or other service providers) into their building without a certificate of insurance. And if you are moving within the city, this will be required in both locations. Some buildings require a fee or a refundable deposit to cover any damage to apartments or hallways. Make sure you discuss requirements with the building managers, and understand the extent of coverage provided by your mover.

A reputable moving company does their best to keep everything safe. But because of the rare unforeseen event, companies must be insured for liability situations such as loss or damage.

5. You’ll save time and quite possibly money

Picture a professional team packing your valuables into a moving van. Now picture the same scenario, but your friends are trying to figure out how to get everything into a rented truck. They may not realize the importance of balancing the load and securing items to prevent damage. You’ll spend extra time unpacking if your possessions aren’t organizing and unloaded into the right room. And it’s likely that you’ll have to make an extra trip or two.

The best way to quickly, calmly, and safely get settled in your new home is with a professional New York City moving service.

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