6 Tips to a Successful Office Move

6 tips to an office move


Moving an office isn’t your standard, commercial move. It’s a much longer and tedious process. Which is why it’s important to properly care and moving an office requires a lot of care. We at Serenity Movers, your local NYC movers and office movers, know the importance of moving an office. With plenty of experience, we understand all of the tips and tricks to corporate relocation. We know how to move an office. So to help everyone out, we have created a list of tips to help anyone out with an office move. 


Speak with your office manager

6 tips to an office move


Moving an office requires a lot of planning and coordination. One of the first stops you have to make is the office manager. You’ll be working very closely with this person, as they will help take inventory and be able to create an office move project plan. It’s important to discuss and special needs the office might need for this moves, as well as the priorities. There may be certain aspects you wouldn’t have thought about that need more care than others. This is also the time to talk about restrictions, especially when it comes to the cost of the move. It’s important to have as little restriction as possible when it comes to moving an office. You’d rather have more space than less, so try and avoid having strong restrictions


Hire movers

6 tips to an office move


Hiring movers in NYC is important for office moving. You may want to use your current employees to help move the office, but this is an inefficient way to move. It can lead to things not being packed correctly, having said things breaks, and cost you more money. So at this point, it is in your best interest to hire office moving companies. They are experienced in these large scale moves, know how to create the proper plan, and are able to unpack for you as well! Make sure you look into a locksmith company as well. To learn more about Serenity’s office moving service, check out our page about office moving.



Spend time packing your file cabinet

6 tips to an office move


Packing up your files is one of the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of an office move. Everything is organized in such a specific way, and often times, an office has a lot of files on hand. Speak with your office manager and find out what needs to be saved, and what can be discarded.  This is a job for multiple people and should do it meticulously and carefully.


Pack your desks

6 tips to an office move

Take everything out of your desks and pack it all up. Moving your desks and chairs are going to be the biggest chore, so take extra care by making sure you remove everything , and empty all of the drawers.


Get a storage unit

6 tips to an office move

You may not think this essential to the move, but if you have restrictions on your moving budget, this is an excellent solution to help give you a cheaper move. By storing any non-essential furniture or anything you may not need right away in your new office, you save money on how much you have to move with the moving company. If you sign up with Serenity storage, you can get your first month free off your storage unit.  

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Pack your personal belongings

6 tips to an office move

Now that you have all of your major pieces of furniture packed up, it’s time to pack up any of your personal belongings, such as any photos you may have, any knickknacks on your desk, or even your special coffee mug. You should care of this at the end. If you don’t want to damage some of your personal belongings, pack it up yourself and bring it as soon as you  move into your new office.
At this time you should be all good to go to. Your new office awaits you and hopefully will improve the work environment. Unpacking is also a difficult chore in the office moving process. So check out Serenity’s unpacking service, and make your unpacking process smooth and painless. Since this is going to be a bigger move, you may have questions about how much to tips movers in NYC. Check out our guide to tipping movers in NYC. Check out our Serenity Movers moving promotions where you can get $100 off your next move or $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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