How to Move an Office

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Moving in NYC is tough, people move all the time and so do offices.  To make sure that you make this a good experience instead of a headache, you need to give your plan a really good thought.  This allows you to plan properly and consider the things you need to do.  If it is possible at all, you can make an NYC moving checklist from your local NYC movers and office movers to make sure you are covering every aspect of the move from the materials, the manpower, the costs, and the paper works.  Here is a guide on how to move an office to help you out.

Once you arrive at a decision to move, it is beneficial to plan at the earliest possible time because unlike homes, offices can take months to be transferred.  The estimated timeframe of moving an office from the planning stage to its completion is from three to eight months.

Once you get to choose a location, obtain the details like the floor plan, the electrical plan, transportation routes, communication points, and even the feasibility of the location for the kind of office you keep.  Look for necessities like electrical outlets, storage spaced, and entry and exit points.

Build a team

For sure, your employees will get involved in the moving process if they want to move with you.  Ask who can lend a helping hand or contact a moving agency.  When you have a team before you, ask for their opinion after presenting your plans.  Since movers are professionals, it pays to see how your plan will be effective.

Prepare your budget

While you are moving your things, you will also move your money.  If you cannot get an exact quote, you can at least estimate how much money you need.  It pays to set aside excess funds in case of unexpected situations that involve money.

Delegate tasks

Because you already have a team, you will need all the help you can get.  Try to delegate specific tasks to each member in your team to get your plans going.  Set a regular progress meeting so you can discuss the status of each task you delegated and to see if you need to make small modifications on your plan based on your discussions.

Apart from putting together a list of the steps you need to take before and during the process of moving, you will also need to keep a record of all of the items you will be moving.  At least a couple of days before the move, have your team do an inventory so you will not lose anything when you finally move. Make sure you look into hiring a locksmith company as well. Check out our moving promotions, where you can get $100 off your next move, or $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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