Guide to the Bronx

The Bronx - Yankee Stadium

Are you thinking of moving to the Bronx?  These days, the Bronx is being referred to by some as “the new Brooklyn,” and many of the revitalized neighborhoods are drawing a new generation of Bronxites.


The history of the Bronx dates back to the 17th Century. For a detailed timeline, look at The Bronx County Historical Society, but for potential homeowners, here’s an interesting summary of Bronx history:

  • During Prohibition (around 1926), bootleggers and gangs controlled the streets. Crime was at its highest to date.
  • In the 1960s and first half of the 1970s, urban renewal projects, such as Robert Moses’ Cross-Bronx Expressway, created housing projects surrounding the areas adjacent to the Expressway.
  • Throughout its more recent tumultuous past, the Bronx became ridden with crime and arson, particularly in the South Bronx during the 1990s.
  • The decline of such a beautiful area was unacceptable to local groups such as churches. They worked with developmental groups to restore the beauty once known to the Bronx.

If you’re considering moving to the Bronx, make your move soon as rents and home prices will rise together with the popularity of these restored neighborhoods.

Once you decide that the Bronx will be the perfect place for you to live, here’s some information to help plan your move.


In any of the five boroughs, you’ll find that particular neighborhoods take on their own unique personality. The Bronx neighborhoods are no different. Here are a few that are quite popular  – one of these may be a great fit for your new home!

  1. Riverdale is close to Westchester County, and was originally a summer haven for Manhatanites. Today, most areas are very suburban-like, with parks and gardens that make this a unique New York City location. Riverdale is a great choice if you’d like to live outside of an urban community but have easy access to all of Manhattan’s amenities. There are some affordable houses to fit all family sizes and budgets. The median studio asking price is $150,000 and a 3-bedroom home price is $745,950.


  1. Kingsbridge is just south of Riverdale and is a great choice for people who can’t afford Manhattan but want to enjoy its ambiance. Most apartments are spacious and well-built, and there are just a few single-family homes in the area. Kingsbridge is known for its cultural food and great shopping. Rentals average $1,585 for one bedroom and $2,245 for two bedrooms.


  1. Fordham runs adjacent to Fordham University in the West Bronx. Residents are close to the Bronx Zoo, the New York Botanical Garden, and the Paradise Theater. This growing area has a robust retail presence. Rentals are easier to find than home sales. A one-bedroom average rent price is $1,450 and two bedrooms go for an average of $1,775.


  1. Highbridge is a residential area along the Harlem River. The Highbridge walkway that crosses the river has been opened after being closed for almost 40 years. For great food, shopping and culture, residents can be found at the nearby Grand Concourse. The median rent is $1,662 a month.


  1. The neighborhood Concourse is built around the five-mile concourse that runs from the Harlem River to below Van Cortlandt Park. Many first-time home buyers like the area, which has been revitalized over the past few years. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment for $1598 or purchase a studio co-op for $109,000. Go Yankees!


Travel and Mass Transit


MTA subways and buses will get you into Manhattan quickly and easily. MetroCards are available for your needs, whether pay-per-ride service, unlimited ride cards, or express bus cards.


Subway lines may be the way to travel, depending on where you live. Some areas may be close to a Metro North railroad station on either the Hudson or Harlem lines. If you prefer to travel by bus, there are frequent local bus lines as well as express service for commuters to and from Manhattan from many locations.


Unlike other New York City boroughs, many areas in the Bronx have easy-to-find parking spots, and some are even free. Before deciding on whether to sell (or buy) a car, check out the parking availability in your new neighborhood.


There’s So Much to Do in the Bronx


Choose your location, make your move, and settle into your great new Bronx home. You’ll always have something to do, with everything the City has to offer as well as so much in your own backyard.


  • A day at The Bronx Zoo is great for both adults and kids. Watch for their events, such as the upcoming Brew at the Zoo.
  • The nearby and nationally-reknowned New York Botanical Gardens also has a great calendar of events that include music, lectures, and special exhibitions.
  • Are you a Yankee fan? Yankee Stadium is arguably the most prominent landmark in the Bronx. If baseball isn’t your thing, watch for summer concert dates.
  • City Island is a unique community where you can fish, enjoy fresh seafood, and visit the quaint main street shops.
  • Van Cortland Park is the third largest park in New York City. It offers ball fields, golf, a freshwater lake, and many events.


There are a number of other parks throughout the Bronx, as well as dining and shopping for all budgets and interests.

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Congratulations on your decision to make this great borough your home!

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