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Are you moving in NYC? Are you specifically moving in Manhattan? Welcome to one of the biggest hubs in the world. There are so many things to do, and so many places to see. Every neighborhood in Manhattan has it’s own distinct feel and vibe to it, and we at Serenity Moving have developed a Manhattan movers guide to all of the popular neighborhoods in Manhattan, to help you decide where you’d fit in best. We are some of the top quality Movers in NYC.




From the high 50’s and directly to the west of Central Park is the ever-so diverse Upper West Side. In addition to being a melting pot of all different cultures and backgrounds, it proudly serves as the home to many families and professionals. The UWS consists of many pre-war buildings, various brownstone apartments/walk-ups, and new condos that seem to be popping up all over the place! In this area, there are fantastic schools, restaurants, stores, boutiques and much, much more!

On the opposite side of the park, is the affluent Upper East Side. The UES is one of the most prestigious and sought-after neighborhoods in all five boroughs.  In the UES you’ll be certain to find beautiful mansions that have been restored, regal townhouses, state-of-the-art high-rises and other most coveted apartment buildings. Many of Manhattan’s top-rated schools (both public and private) are found here.




Stretching from the 30’s to Columbus Circle is the Midtown West. This up-and-coming residential area is both vivid and vivacious!  Residences to consider lie in the spectrum of high-rise condos to smaller-sized antebellum buildings and loft spaces. On the opposite side is Midtown East, where the buildings vary from grand townhouses to remarkable brownstones, to newer luxury towers. Spend warm sun-soaked days walking through Central Park, seeing an art film, or spending the day bouncing from boutique to boutique!



Gramercy is the ultimate fashionable neighborhood. Serving as a home for many twenty-something professionals, successful designers, and some struggling artists, the Gramercy neighborhood is truly eclectic. Gramercy’s name comes from the area’s best feature: The Gramercy Park. This members-only park serves as a lush, verdant oasis for those who seek to escape the occasional stress of city life.

Murray Hill


Murray Hill is  Gramercy’s elder sister. Many wealthy families can be found in this highly desired ‘hood. At the dawn of the new millennium, Murray Hill came to life; because of its dramatic restoration, it has been said that some of the best values can be found here. Also, the area’s location is all too perfect, as famous landmarks, fantastic restaurants and one-of-a-kind shops can be found steps away!




The area slightly west of the Avenue of Americas is where Chelsea lies. The apartments in this neighborhood–include walk-up rentals, old-school-style brownstones, and other loft-type homes–are filling up fast as buyers love its unique characteristics. Chelsea has undergone many changes over the past several years, and still continues to do so today!


Greenwich (West) Village



The Village is widely known as a free-spirit community of artists and writers since the early twentieth century, yet it is a neighborhood that is consistently evolving and redefining itself. The picturesque residential streets are lovely and elegant. The townhouses have beautiful red and brown bricks. There are also many classic condos/co-op buildings in the area.


East Village



Once known as the birthplace of the infamous New York punk scene, the East Village has since flourished into one of downtown Manhattan’s most sought after neighborhoods. The streets are bustling with (typically Russian) families, young professionals and international students alike. The available housing consists mainly of walk-up apartment buildings, many them were completely gutted and restored to keep up with the modern aesthetic.





The area found south of Houston, aptly shortened to ‘SoHo,’ is New York City’s shopping mecca. From its humble beginnings of a few cutting-edge shops, giant lofts filled with artists, SoHo has transformed into an incredibly affluent neighborhood filled with posh boutiques, five-star restaurants, and amazing apartments/condos. The architecture in SoHo still retains their gorgeous nineteenth-century charm




Similar to the SoHo story, the Triangle-Below-Canal Street area has a  nickname,  ‘TriBeCa.’ The neighborhood is extremely popular with young families who find safety in residing in Tribeca’s giant luxury apartments. These lofts and other living spaces were once used for industrial and/or warehouse purposes, and now, people converted them into opulent rentals and other condominiums.


Financial District




The Financial District falls just below Chinatown and Tribeca. It is distinguished because several office buildings converted into residences!  Once a quiet place after the business day is now an energetic area buzzing with different eateries and boutiques. They cater to the oncoming wave of the Manhattan white-collar population. A fantastic location for those financiers looking to work on Wall Street! There are a ton of high rise buildings here. Learn the tips to moving to a high rise building in manhattan.


Now tell us…where would you like to move?

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