How to create a moving floor plan


how to create a moving floor plan

When you’re moving from a house to an apartment, or just moving in NYC in general, it is important to create a floor plan for your move. It is important to recognize what you should and should not take before your move. Whether you are moving to Manhattan or moving to Brooklyn, it is important to have a floor plan of your new home, before you move in. The last thing you want to do is bring in that big beautiful sofa into your new home and not have it fit anywhere. So here is our guide on how to create a moving floor plan. Make sure you check out our other guides like the NYC moving checklist and a timeline to a successful move, and our guide on how to move from a house to an apartment. All coming from your local NYC movers and office movers!


Measure everything

how to create a moving floor plan

When you are trying to find a place to move, it is important to take stock of what you have. Make sure you measure every large piece of furniture accurately and measure all of the space that your smaller items go in. By measuring everything, you’ll begin to realize what you want to bring and unable to bring to your new home. It will also help you when you are apartment hunting so you can determine your priorities in which pieces of furniture are a must-have in your new home.*


Find a new place

how to create a moving floor plan

Once you have an idea of what you are going to bring, start looking for a new home. Look at all outlets to make sure you find the ideal home for your needs and one that can fit all of your “must-have” pieces of furniture. Make sure you find a place that will be able to hold your beautiful leather couch, or a bedroom big enough to comfortably hold your king sized mattress. It is important to find a place that fits your needs, especially if you are moving in manhattan, where the apartments are generally smaller.


Determine what you should bring and draw it out

how to create a moving floor plan

Did you find your new home? Congratulations!. It is time to figure out what you are going to end up bringing. Once you have the layout of your apartment, begin to draw a floor plan, so you can figure out how everything fits, with the measurements you’ve taken previously. You many want to make several floor plans, in case you aren’t set on just one. Make sure you have taken into account where you’ll place your smaller items that aren’t as obvious in a moving floor plan. Check out Room Sketcher! It’s software to help build a 3D model of your home, and help you plan out the floor plan to your home. The video below gives you some tips and tricks on how to build a good floor plan 

Hire a moving company

how to create a moving floor plan

Once you have a floor plan, you should look to hiring a moving company in NYC. They will be able to help you move all of your big pieces of furniture, as well as all of your other belongings. NYC movers are trained in moving large furniture up tall buildings and can help you, especially if you are moving from out of the city and are not sure how to navigate the busy city streets.  


Have a yard sale

how to create a moving floor plan

While it is important to figure out what you are bringing, it is just as important to figure out what you are getting rid of. Start selling the stuff you are leaving behind on craigslist. Perhaps have a big yard sale! They are a great way to give back to your community and make some extra cash for your move


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