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How to hire a moving company in NYC

How to Hire a Moving Company in NYC

how to hire a moving company in nyc
Learn how to hire a moving company in NYC

Moving on your own sucks. Packing up your entire life and getting it across a busy city like New York is no easy task. Sure, you can bribe your friends with pizza and beer and spend countless, sweaty hours trying to move heavy boxes to your new place, but why bother? Use this opportunity to learn how to hire a moving company in NYC. Professional movers in New York will take all that stress off your shoulders and help keep your peace of mind during this transition period. Especially if you are looking for office movers. However, before you go on hiring any company, there are several key aspects you should take into account while searching for the right moving company for you.

Get in-house estimates

how to hire a moving company in nyc, better business bureau, moving price guarantee, get a quote today
Get a binding price!

Call up several moving companies and arrange for an in-house estimate. A representative from the company will visit your home or office, and calculate how much your moving costs should be based on how much you have to move. Sometimes you can get some good deals like free boxes along with your move. Usually, these services are free of charge, and you’ll be able to get a more accurate quote with these visits.

Get quotes in writing

how to hire a moving company in nyc, better business bureau, moving price guarantee, get a quote today
Get a quote in writing!

It’s important to get your quotes as soon as possible. Depending on the season, how busy the companies are, and how large your move is going to be, especially if it’s an office move. It can take some time to get your quote. It might take up to a month during the busy seasons, but other times you can get it the same day you call. It’s important to get this quote at least two weeks before the expected move date. However, make sure you get your quote in writing. You don’t want to get a quote over the phone, and then change it last minute after everything is finished. It’s a small thing you can do to save yourself a headache in the future.

Try and get a binding price

Binding prices can give you some peace of mind while trying to move. With a binding price, you are given a flat rate for transportation, regardless of how much the final weight might be. Which means you’ll be able to get a better idea for the final bill. You might have to pay a little more than you would have with a non-binding price, but you would have at least gotten that moving price guarantee. Having a guaranteed price provides you with peace of mind, something that’s worth the extra money during this stressful transition period. Another question people have is how much to tips movers in NYC. Check out our guide to tipping movers in NYC.

Protect yourself with insurance

how to hire a moving company in nyc, better business bureau, moving price guarantee, get a quote today
Check the insurance policy

Everyone is a little hesitant to get the insurance. This is essential if you want to know how to hire a moving company in NYC. You might think there is no point spending the extra money on something you may not even need. While this may be true, it’s still really important to invest the extra money and insure yourself. Moving is a long and strenuous physical job, and sometimes people make mistakes. These things happen. Even the best moving companies suffer some damages from time to time. Definitely get insurance if you are moving family heirlooms or other irreplaceable items.  If you want to learn more, and even purchase your own insurance policy check out this trusted movers insurance site  trusted movers insurance site 

Check with the Better Business Bureau

how to hire a moving company in nyc, better business bureau, moving price guarantee, get a quote today
Check with the Better Business Bureau before hiring!

Make sure you check the legitimacy of the moving company. All moving companies have to meet federal and state requirements. These often include the insurance policies offered, and safety requirements these companies are supposed to meet. New York regulates it’s moving standards very heavily. So you know you’re going to get the best possible minimum requirements.

Check with the BBB about each moving company you inquire about. Don’t move with a very small outfit that does not provide its license numbers on its website. Some things to watch out for is if the company is asking for a very large sum upfront as a deposit. Another red flag is if the company offers an unusually low quote. To learn more about moving fraud and how to avoid a shady business, check out the Department of Transportation’s guide on how to hire a mover. Also, check out our BBB review to learn more about our accreditation.

Soon you will hire a moving company in NYC. Once this happens it’ll save you the physical and mental stress of moving. Which is why doing a good amount of research before your move is really important. With the proper care and research, you can find a reputable moving company in NYC. Take the time and care to find a reputable moving company that can suit your needs, as well take the proper precautions before making your final decision. Look into hiring a locksmith company as well. For more moving tips, check out our guidelines to moving. Learn about things you should do on the first day you move into your new apartmentLearn how to move into a dorm and moving to college in NYC as well!  Check out our Serenity Movers moving promotions where you can get $100 off your next move or $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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