How to Use Wardrobe Boxes for an Easier Move

We’ve seen this happen so many times: People who are moving save clothes packing for the last minute. Then the morning of moving day, they throw the contents of their closet into large boxes or even plastic trash bags. Some folks take a section of the coat closet or bedroom closet and throw the content directly into the back seat of the car, hangers still attached.

What can possibly go wrong?

  •  The entire contents of the big-box dump have become unwearable and must be ironed.
  •  A hanger rips a hole in the plastic bag, and items fall out or become dirty.
  •  After moving weekend, you’re getting ready for work on Monday morning and can’t find an appropriate outfit to wear.
  •  Because of parking restrictions, city movers will have a particularly difficult time transporting loose items from the car to the apartment.

If you’re moving in NYC, Serenity Movers can supply customers with wardrobe boxes as needed. We recommend purchasing a good-quality wardrobe box so that it works as intended. When packed correctly, they will keep your clothes organized, wrinkle free, and ready-to-wear without requiring cleaning or ironing added to everything else you must do as you settle into your new home.

Determine how many wardrobe boxes you’ll need by estimating packing about 2 feet of hanging clothes (about 25 hangers) in each. Measure your closets so that you can order boxes in advance. Order tall bags for dresses, suits, and long coats, and the shorter boxes for blouses, shirts, and children’s clothes.

Off season clothes are a good task for in-advance packing, and if you have room in your new home, you can leave them in the wardrobe box until needed.

In addition to taking good care of your clothes, wardrobe boxes are also easy to unpack. Open the box near your closet, and it’s easy to transfer items. However, if have just too many things to do before you get to your clothes closets (or you’re still squabbling about who gets the larger bedroom or the walk-in closet), label your boxes accurately when you pack. You’ll be able to easily find what you need directly from the wardrobe box.

When you assemble a wardrobe box you may want to make use of the room at the bottom of the hanging clothes. Be careful not to pack too many items on the floor. Excess packing can make the box too heavy, and it will prevent your clothes from hanging loosely as they do in a closet. We recommend packing light closet accessory items with your hanging clothes, such as shoes, handbags, and belts.

Moving, like everything you do, goes more smoothly if you use the proper tools and organize in advance!

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