Keeping In Touch With Old Friends When You Move

Couple waving goodbye to neighbors who are moving

When you move to a new city, keeping in touch with old friends is important; it helps you through the transition. Social media makes it so easy to keep in touch. Here are a few guidelines and suggestions.


It’s the obvious place for personal communications with friends and acquaintances. In addition to building your network, posting, and using messenger for one-to-one or one-to-small group conversations, here are a few additional features Facebook offers.

You may already use Groups, but it’s a great way to segment your Facebook friends. You might want to post updates on your new neighborhood or new job, and you only want to share this with old friends from your previous home. There are probably Pages or Groups that exist that can also help you keep up with friends and happenings from the old neighborhood.

Facetime lets you have live video calls. It’s a great way to stay in touch. Keep in mind that it only is available if you and the person you are calling has an iPhone or iPad. This functionality was designed by Apple, hence the device restrictions.

Other Video Sites

If you or your friends do not have Apple products, there are other ways to have video chats. For no charge, look at Skype,, or Tinychat.

Beyond Facebook

If you’re primarily interested in sharing photos or videos, set up Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Instagram is owned by Facebook, so you can integrate the two platforms. In other words, photos you post to histogram can show up on your Facebook timeline.


Regardless of your profession, it’s likely that you can keep in touch with colleagues and coworkers on LinkedIn. If you are starting a new job with a new company, be sure to connect with coworkers from your previous job. Recommendations and referrals can help you build your reputation more quickly.

Side note: if you’re looking for a job in your new location, LinkedIn has a great job search feature.

International Platforms

Are you relocating to New York from outside of the United States? You may be using sites other than the common US social sites. Here are a few that will let you keep in touch with international friends:

• QQ/Q Zone has its majority of users in China, but it’s also popular in France, Japan, Spain, Germany, and Korea.
• YY is also based in China and is used for video chats.
• Line is a Korean messenger application.
• Badoo is sometimes referred to as a dating site, but is also used to simply meet people or keep in touch with people. It’s based out of London and is popular in the Mediterranean and South America.
• Taringa is a very popular South American social platform that is used to share links.

Alumni Networks

If you don’t already belong to your alumni network, this is a good opportunity to see what it’s all about. Rekindling friendships with college buddies can be comforting as you adjust to your new neighborhood.

These tools are all great for keeping in touch, but they can also help you make new friends (never forsaking the old) in your new town. If you’re moving to New York City, search Facebook or LinkedIn. You might find a college buddy is your new neighbor, or somebody you worked with early on in your career lives nearby!

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