Should you live in an apartment or a house?

Should you live in an apartment or a house?


Should you live in an apartment or a house? As NYC movers and office movers, we’re constantly moving people between apartments and houses, and we learn a lot about the pros and cons of different living options. One of the most common dilemmas people face when moving in NYC is whether to live in an apartment or a house. Of course, personal preference goes a long way toward helping people make this decision, but there are several tangible factors to consider when you make this decision.

Financial Considerations

Should you live in an apartment or a house?

If you purchase a home, you’ll need to consider the financial obligations that accompany it. Many people think only about the mortgage payment when they work through their budgets, but when you’re the owner, you’re also responsible for insurance, property taxes, and ongoing maintenance.

If the home is an older property, it may require more upkeep than a newer property. Ask about the age of major components such as the roof, hot water heater, air conditioner, and furnace when you look at homes. It’s also wise to consider the stability of the housing market. If a neighborhood’s home values are unstable, the price of your home could drop substantially. Of course, it could also increase substantially, giving you a huge boost to your investment.

When you rent an apartment or home, it’s much easier to budget for your living expenses. Landlords take care of maintenance and repairs, so you don’t have to make room in your budget for these costs. In some cases, utilities are also included in the rent, further stabilizing your home-related expenses. Learn how to establish a moving budget in NYC.

Length of Stay

Should you live in an apartment or a house?


If you’re not ready to “put down roots” in a particular location, it may be wise to move into an apartment. Some people relocate in order to be closer to a new job, but they’re not quite sure if this job will be long term or short term. If you find yourself in a similar position, consider renting until you’re sure you like the location. Moving into an apartment is a great way to try out a neighborhood or live close to a temporary or new place of employment.

When you’re ready to stay for the long haul, however, it might be best to buy a home. When you buy a home, you can start building equity and eventually own your home free and clear of any debt, which significantly lowers your living expenses and gives you freedom to do other things with your money.


Should you live in an apartment or a house?How does your living space feel right now? Do you feel that you’re always tripping over your belongings? Is your household expanding? Do you feel that your home is too large for you?

Right-sizing your living space can increase your quality of life. If you’re feeling claustrophobic, it might be time to look for a house. On the other hand, if you’d like to be closer to more people or if you want a lower maintenance home, an apartment may be best for you.


Should you live in an apartment or a house?A person who works 60 hours a week probably doesn’t want a large yard to care for. And someone who works the graveyard shift might not like to share walls with too many people because daytime sleep will be difficult. Consider your own unique situation and lifestyle, and think about whether an apartment or a house best fits the way you live. If you can only move into an apartment now, try to find one without a lot of tenants in the building. Perhaps in an area that is more family oriented, so you can get some peace and quiet during the day while everyone else is at work or school.

Once you make your decision about where to live, contact your favorite NYC moving company. Whether you’re downsizing, up-sizing, or just moving to an apartment down the street, we can create a moving plan just for you that will take the stress out of your relocation and get you settled safely and securely.

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