How to make your apartment more spacious

how to make your apartment more spacious

Any moving company in NYC will tell you that spacious New York apartments are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean you have to live a cramped and cluttered life. In fact, there are many simple things you can do to make your apartment feel more spacious. You may be surprised to learn that many of these strategies cost nothing at all, and very few are expensive. Learn more about creating a moving budget in NYC. As your NYC movers and office movers help you get settled in your new home, try out a few of these ideas on how to make your apartment more spacious.

Use Multi-Purpose Ottomans and Coffee Tables

The fewer items you have in a given space, the more open and airy your room will feel. You can minimize the number of items in a room by having some of your furniture serve double duty. For instance, an upholstered ottoman can work as a footrest, a coffee table, and even extra seating when you have a crowd over.

Use Just One Palette

If your dining area uses a different palette than your living area, your apartment will feel more cluttered. And if you upholster your large furniture pieces in the same palette as your walls, your rooms will feel larger. The furniture will blend with the rest of the room, visually enlarging the space and creating a feeling of openness. Avoid too much busyness in your color scheme.

Arrange Furniture for Functionality

how to make your apartment more spacious

How does foot traffic flow through your apartment? Making it easy to get where you need to go will make your rooms feel more spacious. If you have one of those long, narrow apartments that are so tricky to furnish, consider creating natural pathways with your furniture arrangement. Have your NYC movers place sofas and chairs against the walls, and use a coffee table with a glass top to visually keep the space open. Learn more about how to hire a moving company in NYC.

Work With the Existing Layout

how to make your apartment more spacious

Doors, windows, and interior walls can all make furniture arrangement tricky, especially in an apartment with an open layout. If you need to create a demarcation between the living and eating areas, try using a standing light as the divider or put rugs down on the floor to establish different living spaces. Try to work with, not against, the existing layout of your apartment. Decide on your furniture arrangement ahead of time so your New York movers can do all the heavy lifting. This can be especially tough if you are trying to move from a house to an apartment.

Add Mirrors

how to make your apartment more spacious

If you want to know how to make your apartment more spacious, just look into getting mirrors! When your rooms are small, mirrors can create the illusion of space. Mirrors draw the eye upward and bounce light around the room, especially when they’re placed opposite windows. You can buy mirrors inexpensively, but they can be very high impact when it comes to creating the illusion of space.

Keep Clutter to a Minimumhow to make your apartment more spacious

In small spaces, clutter can add up quickly, so carefully examine the items you keep out on counters and tables. If you don’t use an item daily, store it away out of sight. For instance, if you use your toaster once a week, store it in a cabinet and pull it out only when you need it. If there are toiletries on your bathroom counter that you don’t use every day, keep them in a basket on the floor or on a shelf. As you declutter, consider bigger items as well. Learn about the 8 reasons to hire a cleaning company for your move.

Avoid Dramatic Window Coverings

how to make your apartment more spacious

You don’t want your new apartment to feel too bare, but you also don’t want it to feel closed up and cluttered. One of the ways you can keep your apartment feeling light and bright is to avoid dramatic, bulky window coverings. Keep curtains from dragging on the floor or creating a heavy look. You’ll want as much natural light as possible in a small space, so keep those windows light and airy.

Moving can be exciting and stressful, so let your New York movers help as much as possible. With a little planning and some ideas about how to make your new apartment feel spacious, you’ll soon be settled in your comfortable, “spacious” new home.


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