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You might be wondering, why Serenity Movers?

Well, we at Serenity Movers have experienced Manhattan Movers and have worked hard to create the best possible Manhattan moving company. We have been in the business for over 16 years and have seen it all. Whether it is houses in Harlem or one bedroom apartments in giant high rises on the Upper East Side, we have done everything. It takes a lot to move in Manhattan, especially if you from out of town and living here for the first time. When you are moving in NYC, or just Moving into Manhattan, as NYC movers, we have you covered. Learn how to hire a moving company in NYC and check out some of our moving promotions where you can either get $100 off your next move, or $80 worth of free moving boxes. Call today to get a free quote!

Learn More about Manhattan:

Manhattan is the heart of New York City, everyone is going to Manhattan when they visit NYC. Despite it being one of the most expensive boroughs, everyone wants to live in Manhattan. It has everything a city could ever have. There are some of the best restaurants in the world, some of the highest paying jobs, and the best nightlife. Manhattan is a great place to live in your twenties but it’s also a great place to raise kids. Go see some of the most famous plays on Broadway, go on a jog in Central Park, or get lost in the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Museum of Natural History. Manhattan is extremely diverse and is home to all races and ethnicities and every neighborhood has its own special quality that can cater to anyone’s lifestyle.

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Here are just a few of the neighborhoods we service in Manhattan:

Alphabet City, Chelsea, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, Financial District, Harlem, Hell’s Kitchen, Inwood, Lower East Side, Midtown, Stuyvesant Town, SoHo, Tribeca, Upper East Side, Upper west Side, Washington Heights.

What else does Serenity Movers offer?

Serenity Movers offers anyone who is moving in Manhattan and has a lot of stuff to move, to get a free on-site estimator where they will give you the most accurate quote, and give you a moving price guarantee. This price will never change and provides a sense of security to those who are cautious about moving quotes. If you want to know more, check out our explanation on how to estimate the cost of your move. Serenity Movers also offers an unpacking service, for those who may not be able to, or simply don’t feel like unpacking! Check out our guide on How to unpack after your move.

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