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Manhattan Movers

Serenity Movers is a highly experienced Manhattan moving company – we have worked hard to become the best local movers in Manhattan. As NYC movers for over 16 years, we have seen it all.

Our NYC moving company has the know-how to make your move a success regardless of if you’re looking to move your company’s office space or making a residential change for your apartment or house.

It takes a lot to move in Manhattan – parking & traffic restrictions, obscure building codes, unusual building architecture and narrow stairways – these can make your move especially challenging if you or your movers are from out of town.

Whether you are moving in or out of this populous borough, our Manhattan movers have the knowledge and experience to make your move a success.

Manhattan Movers

Why Choose Our Manhattan Moving Company?

Manhattan Moving Company

Moving Price Guarantee

Have a lot of stuff to move in or out of Manhattan? Worried about being hit with big fees on moving day for more than the price you were quoted? Our moving price guarantee offers peace of mind! At no extra cost to you, our onsite estimator will visit your home or office, make a detailed list of items to be moved & any additional services and give you an accurate, no-obligation quote which we guarantee will not change.

Movers Manhattan NY

Moving Specials

We know hiring professional movers can be an undertaking financially and any help easing that cost is much appreciated. That’s why Serenity offers exclusive moving discounts that allow you to either get $100 off your next move or $80 worth of free moving boxes on us! This is on top of affordable pricing compared to other Manhattan moving companies.

Moving Companies in Manhattan NY

Unpacking & Storage Services

We go beyond just moving here at Serenity. That’s why we provide an unpacking service for those who may not be able to or simply don’t feel like unpacking! Not to mention offering short or long term storage in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility located nearby. We know that you sometimes need to keep your things elsewhere in between the sale of your old place and you being able to move into your new location, so we wanted to give you that peace of mind.

Movers Manhattan NYC

Customer Reviews

“These guys are WONDERFUL, I cannot recommend their moving services enough.”
–R.L. Manhattan, NY

“Third move in NYC and by far the best service and fairest price I have received.”
-Paul F. Manhattan, NY

“Very efficient, extremely reasonably priced and very courteous team members – Would highly recommend.”
–Antonio M. Manhattan, NY

Movers in Manhattan NY

Manhattan is the heart of New York City, everyone is going to Manhattan when they visit NYC. Despite it being one of the most expensive boroughs, everyone wants to live in Manhattan. It has everything a city could ever have. There are some of the best restaurants in the world, some of the highest paying jobs and the best nightlife.

Manhattan is extremely diverse and is home to all races and ethnicities, with every neighborhood having its own special quality that can cater to anyone’s lifestyle. That’s why our Manhattan movers are also diverse in the customers we serve and the type of moves we do.

Serenity Movers offers residential and commercial moving services throughout the borough in neighborhoods including (but not limited to):

  • Midtown
  • Times Square
  • Chelsea
  • Greenwich Village
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Washington Heights
  • Garment, Diamond & Theater Districts
Financial District Moving Company

Financial District Moving Company

As the most downtown neighborhood, the Financial District (or FiDi for short) is home to many businesses, apartment buildings and Wall Street (hence the name).

Not to mention the World Trade Center, which is one of the city’s most populous tourist destinations, and the Brooklyn Bridge that acts as the gateway into the city from Brooklyn.

Whether you’re moving to or from this area that spans from the bottom tip of the island up to Chambers Street, our FiDi movers have experience navigating the problematic issues that come with this neighborhood including the lack of parking and the heavy traffic volume. Our Financial District moving company will plan your residential or commercial move around those trends.

Inwood Movers

On the total opposite end of Manhattan Island is the neighborhood of Inwood, which is home to a diverse economy among its residents living in houses and apartments alike.

The same goes for the industrial & commercial businesses in the area and we can accommodate your specific moving budget.

Whether you’re a resident or company moving to or from this neighborhood, our Inwood movers can overcome all of the challenges associated with this uptown area.

Tribeca Movers

Tribeca Movers

Just north of the aforementioned Financial District is the trendy neighborhood of Tribeca that’s known for its art scene, the popular Tribeca Film Festival and numerous restaurants & other businesses.

There’s also a lot of traffic & narrow streets that our Manhattan movers have plenty of experience in navigating.

Whether you’re looking to move to or from this area, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that our Tribeca movers can traverse the slim hallways & stairwells that come in this neighborhood’s buildings.

Upper West Side Movers

This neighborhood is a popular area due to its combination of being bordered by Central Park and housing plenty of schools, businesses and apartments including Jerry Seinfeld’s fictional abode at 129 West 81st Street.

Residents of the Upper West Side often commute to other parts of the city for work.

Our team of experienced Upper West Side movers know all about the building restrictions of this neighborhood like the small elevators & the stairs needed to get into serve entrances.

That’s where we have a large team of efficient movers working to get yourself or your business in or out in no time.

Upper West Side Movers​
SoHo Moving

SoHo Moving

Speaking of artsy neighborhoods, SoHo (or South of Houston Street) is right up there with the influx of artists and affluent people in Manhattan.

There are also several offices and businesses designed to cater to their needs.

The team at our SoHo moving company knows the ins and outs of relocating your home or office from & to this neighborhood including all of the unique obstacles that this area brings.

NoHo Movers

NoHo (or North of Houston Street) is another upscale neighborhood that our Manhattan moving company serves.

This is a quiet area that primarily gives residents the peace of mind they need at home while giving them the feel of the history of the city.

If you’re looking to move into a new place in this neighborhood or looking to leave, our NoHo movers have experience moving furniture and boxes into & out of the loft apartments that this area is known for.

NoHo Movers
East Village Movers

East Village Movers

What makes the East Village such a special place in NYC is the combination of artists, musicians, students and businesses that this area has to offer.

Alphabet City, Little Ukraine & the Bowery are among the popular sections within this neighborhood.

Due to its popularity, there is a lot of traffic in this specific neighborhood.

Our efficient team of East Village movers know how to navigate this, along with the narrow stairs of the walk-up buildings that provide many restrictions.

Gramercy Park Movers

One of the most beautiful sites in Manhattan is Gramercy Park and it’s the centerpiece of this neighborhood.

In fact, it’s surrounded by residences & townhouses where the owners get exclusive keys to access this private park.

It’s also home to various restaurants & other commercial businesses. Our Gramercy Park movers will help you move your residence or office into and out of this exclusive neighborhood.

Movers Harlem NY

Movers Harlem NY

One of the larger neighborhoods in Manhattan is Harlem, which is diversified in terms of its homes, businesses and offices. Our Harlem movers have years of experience facing the numerous challenges in the following subsections of this area:

  • West Harlem
  • Hamilton Heights
  • Manhattanville
  • Morningside Heights
  • Central Harlem
  • St. Nicholas Historic District (Strivers’ Row)
  • Astor Row
  • Sugar Hill
  • Le Petit Senegal (Little Senegal)
  • East Harlem (Spanish Harlem)

Chinatown Movers NYC

Chinatown is surrounded by popular Manhattan neighborhoods like Little Italy, Civic Center & the Lower East Side.

It’s home to the most Chinese people in the Western Hemisphere, as well as a number of businesses and residences.

But it also provides a litany of challenges ranging from narrow streets & a lack of parking to walk-up apartments & condos being atop of established shops.

Our team of Chinatown movers will use our NYC moving experience to plan out every aspect of your move for maximum efficiency.

Chinatown Movers NYC
Movers Upper East Side

Movers Upper East Side

Another one of Manhattan’s quieter neighborhoods is the Upper East Side, which provides a combination of beautiful architecture & museums, adjacency to Central Park and lots of townhouses & apartments.

Because of this area’s history, there are smaller elevators, building restrictions and service entrance stairways to take into account.

Our movers in the Upper East Side have been moving people and businesses in & out of this neighborhood for a long time, so we’re used to overcoming those obstacles.