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Moving in NYC is tough and can be somewhat confusing. We have created an NYC moving checklist to help you out on your moving endeavors. However, there can be a lot of confusion when hiring movers in NYC. You may feel like you’re left in the dust. Especially when it comes to trying to figure out the overall price of your move. A lot of people are frustrated when they hear from moving companies in NYC that they’ll get the final price after the move. This price does not include additional moving costs like hiring a locksmith company.  It makes things difficult in terms of planning a budget and knowing how much to have saved up before the move. Lucky for you, Serenity Movers, your local NYC movers and office movers, has a Moving Price Guarantee!





We are very proud about our Moving price guarantee. We take pride in giving the best possible estimate and price to our customers and are willing to back it up with a price guarantee. Whenever you have a move that requires an onsite estimator to visit your home or office, you’ll get a guaranteed price. The estimator comes in and makes a detailed list of all the items that you are planning to move, and takes account the size of the items, as well as the volume of the shipment in a cubic feet measurement. After that, we give a solid rate per cubic foot and this leads to the final quote.  Which will not be changed after given. We do this to make sure our customers have a move that is smooth and easy.

Also, when you have an estimator come visit your home or office, there are no obligations whatsoever to sign. The estimator is there to help inform you about your decision. By giving the price guarantee up front, we give any potential customer a better understanding of what their final moving cost is going to look like. Learn more about the cost of moving and its estimates. Check out our blog about how to estimate the cost of your move.


Moving promotions


We are very proud to offer some incredible offers to help you move easily. We know that packing is hard, and packing can be a very costly expense to any move. Especially if it’s a large one. So we offer a promotion where we give $80 worth of free moving boxes. These boxes aren’t just some flimsy pieces of cardboard either, they’re top of the line boxes that would run you a lot of money buying them from stores that specialize in strong boxes like UPS or Staples. Check out our guide on how to save money on packing materials. Learn more about unpacking, check out our guide on how to unpack after your move.

We also offer another moving promotion where you can get $100 off your next move. This is especially useful if you’re moving on a strict budget, or don’t have a particularly large move. The only catch with these promotions is that you can only choose one for any given move. So choose wisely.


If you are trying to save money on your move and cut the cost of a large move, check out Serenity Storage facility. A Serenity Storage unit is very easy to sign up for and can save you money as you can get one month of free storage.

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