Moving Tips for Single Parents

Single parent and child on moving day

Single parent and child on moving dayMoving with kids is always a challenge. As a single parent, you already know you have double the work. If you’re making a move single-handedly, its even more important that you take advantage of every opportunity to avoid last minute surprises and make things go smoothly.

If you’re a single mom or dad and you’re planning to move, here are some suggestions that will make moving easier for both you and your kids.

Plan Ahead: Things to do Before Moving Day

  • Find out what your new neighborhood has to offer, particularly for children, by looking online. Become familiar with parks, kid-friendly restaurants, local events, dance classes, sports activities, local teams to watch – and whatever other interests you have. Share your findings with your family.
  • If possible, take a trip with your kids to your new neighborhood before the move. They’ll be more comfortable with the idea and hopefully even a little excited!
  • Arrange in advance for schools, doctors, and any other needs you family will have when you arrive at your new home.
  • Most families with children move during the summer, which make it the busiest and costliest time. Make arrangements as soon as possible with your moving company, and book any other professionals you’ll need for either your old or new location, such as a handyman, painter, or contractor.
  • Involve your children with age-appropriate moving chores such as packing or labeling boxes. Older kids can help with your online research.

The Big Day: Tips for a Seamless Family Move

  • Be prepared for the road trip. Whether by car, air, or any other means, have enough snacks and activities available. If you have a lengthy road trip, consider if it would be easier to ship your car and travel more quickly by air.
  • Keep your Carry-on bag and Open First box accessible. See our blog on how to pack for items you’ll need right away in your new home.
  • Have enough cash on hand for tips and other moving-day incidental expenses.
  • Stay positive. Moving is a stressful event for everyone, but it can be particularly hard for kids leaving friends and family and the comfort of their home. With smart planning and a good moving company, you and your family will have a worry-free day and you’ll be enjoying your new home in no time!

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