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Moving Price Guarantee

Price guaranteed move in new york city

Moving Company Prices

Serenity’s flat rate moving price guarantee system is a great way for clients to have peace of mind while moving, while not having to worry about the final bill. We take pride in giving the best possible estimate and price to our customers and are willing to back it up with a price guarantee.

In order to provide a guaranteed price, our onsite estimator will conduct a video call with you while you’re at your home or office and make a detailed list of items needing to be packed and transported, along with any additional services you might need.

The list will include the number of items, their size and the total volume of the shipment measured in cubic feet. In addition, we will also take other factors into consideration including where you’re moving from & to and the setup of your current space & your new one.

We then calculate a solid rate per cubic foot, which will not change, and come up with the final quote – an all inclusive guaranteed price. By giving this guaranteed price up front, we give our potential customers confidence in knowing what their final moving cost is going to be.

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