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As NYC movers, we’ve been in the moving business long enough to have collected a great number of moving tips for our customers. Yes, moving in NYC can be difficult, but there are many things you can do to ease the pain. The most important thing you can do is to call Serenity Movers for a free, on-site quote. Once you have a quote from us, you can depend on the price staying the same. We never add on to the original quote with hidden fees.
In addition to contacting us for a free quote, you can also use the following moving tips:

1. Arrange for a Charitable Organization to Pick Up Items You Don’t Want to Move

When you are moving in NYC, it is a good time to go through your belongings and get rid of items you no longer need or want. When you start this process several weeks before you move, you may find that you have fewer things to move, and this makes your move easier and less expensive. Donate unwanted items to a local charitable organization that provides free pick-up.

2. Change Your Address at Least Two Weeks Before Your Move

When you move in NYC, fill out your change of address form for the United States Postal Service online or at the local post office a couple of weeks before your move. You can tell them exactly which date to start forwarding your mail to your new address. Also, call companies you do business with regularly and report your address change. Remember to change your address for magazine subscriptions, insurance companies, credit card companies, bank, etc.

3. Make Arrangements for Your Pets

If you have pets, you’ll want to keep them safely out of the way on moving day. Consider taking them to a friend’s house or putting them in a kennel for a day or two until you’re unpacked and somewhat settled. They’ll be less stressed, and you won’t have to worry about having them underfoot.

4. Don’t Buy Groceries For a Week Prior to Your Move

The less you have in your refrigerator and freezer on the day of your move, the better off you’ll be. Avoid having to borrow coolers or throw away food by letting your food supply dwindle down in the last week or two before the big day. You may not have the most appetizing meals that last week, but you’ll save a lot of money and simplify your move.

5. Pack an Overnight Bag

Most people find that they’re very tired at the end of moving day. Make life easier for yourself by packing a bag with everything you need for a comfortable night: pajamas, your toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, shampoo, bottled water, your favorite snacks, and a fresh set of clothes for the next day.

6. Leak-Proof Your Toiletries

When transporting your shampoo, liquid soaps, and other leak-prone toiletries, avoid messes by covering the openings of the bottles with plastic wrap and then putting the tops back on. This will keep them from making a mess in your moving boxes or overnight bag.

7. Take Photos of Electronic Wiring

Disconnecting and reconnecting your electronics can be a real puzzle. You can make life easier for yourself by taking photos of how your electronics are connected. Once you get to your new home, pull out the pictures and just copy the configuration.

8. Hire Professional NYC Movers

Sit back and let Serenity Movers pack, move, and unpack your belongings. Our highly trained moving crew will expertly plan your move and make sure that everything gets safely moved to your new home. Well-acquainted with New York traffic, zoning, and quirky apartment buildings, we’ll make sure your move goes smoothly.

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