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Commercial Movers in NYC

Whether you’re looking to get your company into a new space or return to your old one post COVID, Serenity Movers is the right choice if you’re looking to move your office or other commercial business in New York City. That’s because our moving company has years of experience helping small-to-medium businesses and larger corporate clients relocate.

Our moving services are designed to minimize disruption of the work your business performs. Every day that your company is not operating is a day that you don’t make a profit and this can have serious ramifications for your cash flow. Additionally, offices & other businesses often have equipment and tools that can be a challenge for other commercial moving companies to handle properly.

Coordination From Our Commercial Movers

The office moving process is fast paced, especially when you’re moving within NYC. If you’re trying to relocate your business within the city, you need movers who will work efficiently and understand the challenges of working in the city including traffic & parking issues, working with the tight confines of old buildings and dealing with unusual building codes.

In the midst of all this, your valuable office equipment needs to be delivered safe and sound. Office moves require significant coordination to make sure that your equipment and business essentials are transported safely and quickly.

The sooner your office is up and running, the better. Our movers will help to coordinate the details of your move, from creating an inventory and packing to arranging for storage if necessary. We handle the logistics, so you can keep your company running smoothly.

Get a Guaranteed Office Moving Cost

We know that businesses run on a tight budget and once your moving budget has been set, you won’t want to see any “surprise” charges on moving day. That’s why our commercial moving company provides an all-inclusive guaranteed price for our services!

Our movers do all of our planning up front to make sure that your move will stay within your budget. The price that we’ll provide for you before you sign the moving contract will not change once the move is underway – you can count on it!

There are so many things running through your mind as you look to relocate your office, so the moving process shouldn’t create any unnecessary stress. You’ll have peace of mind in leaving your move to the Serenity Movers team.

Unpacking After Your Office Move

After you relocate, you want to get back to “business as usual” as quickly as possible. With our unpacking service, you don’t have to wade through boxes for weeks or feel disorganized because you can’t find your stuff.

Our crew can unpack your boxes and take away all the moving debris like the used cardboard, packing papers and/or bubble wrap & tape, leaving you with a comfortable & functional new workspace. We’ll clean up after ourselves so you don’t have to.

In addition, our commercial moving team can also reassemble any furniture from your old site or storage space. Doing this will mean that you don’t have to worry about putting together anything from your old space & allows you to get back to conducting business in NYC ASAP.

Office Moving Company in New York City

Corporate managers & business owners from many different industries in the five boroughs of NYC and Westchester have relied on our fully licensed and insured office movers to relocate their company efficiently. That includes everything within your office such as:

Business Moving Services

Our project management team will partner with you on every aspect of your office moving experience. With your preferences known, we’ll come up with the right plan to approach your move in the most timely fashion possible even if that includes a walkthrough of your current and/or new locations prior to the moving date.

That way, we’ll know how to handle the obstacles put in front of us ranging from elevator and loading dock restrictions to narrow stairwells and seeing the traffic & parking situations beforehand. We will work with you to meet the deadline that you need to hit for moving your company’s office space.

Our team practices the utmost professionalism and confidentiality when moving all of your office equipment and files to ensure their arrival to your new space in the condition it was in before the move. We’ll make sure to properly pack any sensitive equipment to keep it extra protected in transit.

Commercial Moving Company

In addition to offices, Serenity Movers also performs commercial moving services for a multitude of retail businesses in New York City. Our commercial movers will take the same precautions we would for our office clients while ensuring the organization of your inventory.

If you think using your employees to move your commercial space is a good idea, then take into consideration that your employees aren’t professional movers. This means there could be a potential for liability, injury, security & property damage issues and definitely a loss of time & money due to the downtime during the move.

Commercial Moving Services

We know the importance of keeping everything organized while you’re moving, which is why our team will expertly wrap and pack everything in your space with the goal of protecting it throughout the move. We’ll also clearly label the boxes, that way you know what inventory is where for easy access when unpacking.

Speaking of unpacking, we’ll take everything out of the boxes and reassemble any displays and equipment you have for your commercial business according to the floor plan that you provide. We also have experience transporting a variety of specialty equipment that’s expensive and important to your company’s bottom line.

We’re also here for you if you run into problems in your move including if your space needs more work before it becomes move-in ready. Serenity Movers offers both short-term and long-term storage for all of your company’s things, as well as the availability of moving on short notice if an emergency arises.

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We serve all five boroughs of New York City along with Westchester.