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Office movers: Individuals, couples, and families aren’t the only ones who move. Offices and businesses move, too, and these commercial moves offer far more challenges than residential moves. For one, every day that your business is not operating is a day that you don’t make a profit, and this can have serious ramifications for your cash flow. Additionally, offices and businesses often have large equipment and tools that can be quite tricky to move.

Some employers consider using their employees to handle the move, but this can backfire. Your employees are probably not professional NYC movers, and if they become injured during the move, you’ll have additional complications on your hands. The bigger problem, however, is that your employees need to keep your business operating as much as possible during the move. No one else can take their place.  Here are 10 reasons why you shouldn’t use your employees during an office move, from your office movers.

Office moving

Office Moving NYC

Bringing in commercial moving experts can solve these problems. Specialists can perform work much more efficiently and quickly, and with our highly trained movers, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your office is moved and up-and-running once more. For office moving NYC business owners draw on the expertise of Serenity Movers. Here’s why:

Office moving


Moving in NYC is fast-paced. If you’re trying to relocate your business within the city, you need movers who will work efficiently and understand the challenges of working in the city: tying up traffic, working with the tight confines of old buildings, and dealing with unusual building codes. In the midst of all this, your sensitive office equipment needs to be delivered safe and sound.

Office moves require significant coordination to make sure that your equipment and business essentials are transported safely and quickly. The sooner your office is back in business, the better off your business will be. We help to coordinate the details of your move, from creating an inventory and packing to arranging for storage if necessary. We handle the logistics, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

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Office Moving NYC: A Guaranteed Price

We do our planning up front, and we give your customers an all-inclusive guaranteed price. This price will not change once the move is underway. You can count on it. To start a quote for your upcoming office move, contact us at Serenity Movers.



With our unpacking service, you don’t have to wade through boxes for weeks or feel disorganized because you can’t find your stuff. Our crew can unpack your boxes and take away all the moving debris like boxes, packing papers, and tape, leaving you with a comfortable, functional new place to live.

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