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Home is where your piano is.

At Serenity Movers, we believe moving a piano in or around New York City should be the least of your concerns. Piano moving in New York may be difficult, but our skilled movers make the task as easy as counting to three.

With Serenity Movers, you can effortlessly cross “move my piano” off your to-do list. With the addition of piano moving services to our existing services, we now cater to your every need. While ensuring we hit the perfect note, whether it’s securing your belongings, delivering competitive pricing, or satisfying all of your specific needs.

Relocating to New York City, or anywhere else, can pose as a challenging endeavor. Since Serenity Movers has over 19 years of experience relocating families and businesses in New York City, you can rest certain that your move will go off without a hitch. We skillfully relocate enormous, heavy pianos all throughout the Big Apple.


Why is the Piano Moving Process so Challenging?

The inability to receive piano moving services should never force its owner to choose between giving up the instrument, selling it, or donating it. As the connection between piano owners and their instruments is frequently close. Whether you are staying put or packing up and moving, your piano should always be the showpiece of the place you call home.

The presence of a piano establishes the mood and brings up fond recollections of childhood for those who have experienced them. However, relocating a piano can be a challenging chore if it is not handled by the competent professionals at the suitable moving company.

Here are some piano moving challenges one could face:

  • Access point and door dimensions are needed in order to move the piano into and out of the moving vehicle.
  • Size of the piano, in addition to its travel distance.
  • The climatic conditions & the staircases.
  • Components that require special care and maneuvering strategies.

Types of Piano Moving

Due to the individuality of each piano, it would be impossible to standardize on a single set of chords for all instruments of this kind. Not only should you keep Serenity Movers in mind as a reliable piano moving service, but we also intend to educate you about the many pianos we handle.

We’re also familiar with the challenges of moving what can be a unique and heaviest item a person owns. We’ll take a quick look at the three main categories of pianos and discuss some of the special care that each requires during transportation.

Electronic Pianos:

Sometimes referred to as keyboards. However, the distinction is in the stands upon which they stand. Electric pianos resemble upright pianos in appearance and are easily portable by their owners. Nonetheless, adequate wrapping is essential for preserving structural integrity.

Grand Pianos:

Are the largest and most difficult to move. Grand pianos have bottomless bases due to their horizontal soundboards. Its large bulk and odd weight distribution need careful handling. Grand pianos weigh 500-1200 pounds. Before transferring the piano, remove the legs, lid, and lyre. Moving requires proper wrapping and strapping.

Upright Pianos

Are smaller. Moving an upright is easier. Due to the equally distributed weight, movers rarely need to remove any parts. Wrapping and route planning are crucial for moving. Bumping door frames or walls can damage your piano’s surface.

How to find Professional Piano Moving Company

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You can learn more about local moving businesses in a variety of ways:

Our Piano Moving Services NYC

The concern for effectively relocating your piano is “Ever Thine, Ever Mine, Ever Ours,” as the great Beethoven would say. As a result, we are proud to continue doing what we have done for the previous 19 years: transporting your belongings with the utmost respect for you and your privacy. As we are aware of the sentimental value of your piano. Because of this, you can rely on our team of diligent movers to fulfill all of your dreams and expectations during the piano moving process. As we have acquired the necessary techniques for moving a piano safely and securely, step by step.

Here at Serenity Movers, we place a premium on satisfying our clients. Our personalized service begins with a free, no-obligation moving quote and continues through a tailored moving plan, prompt arrival, status updates, and more.
When it comes to piano moving in New York City, we are unrivaled. The attention we put into each and every move is evident in our A+ BBB rating and the positive feedback we’ve received from several satisfied clients on websites such as Yelp, Google, and Home Advisor.

Piano Moving Cost

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Piano Moving and Storage

Hiring skilled movers guarantees a flawless piano relocation. They can help with driving, moving big objects, packing, and unpacking. In addition, they will be familiar with moving equipment such as furniture straps and dollies, so you won’t have to worry about your belongings being harmed in transit.

Moving may be difficult and overwhelming, especially if you’re transporting delicate items like a piano.
Since Serenity Movers is an insured NYC moving company, you can rest confident that your relocation will be enjoyable and trouble-free. We have years of experience in relocating and will ensure that your move goes well.
When you need extra room, whether for a short-term relocation or long-term storage, look to your local NYC movers for storage. Our storage is quite reasonable, and our storage facilities are second-to-none; you never have to pay for space you’re not utilizing.

It can be difficult to have all of your possessions in storage rather than under your watchful eye, but when you know they are in a secure, professional facility managed by trustworthy individuals, you can rest assured that your storage items are in excellent hands.

How do piano movers move pianos

Upright pianos can fit through regular doorways without disassembly. Grand pianos are larger and must be disassembled to fit through a doorway.

Movers remove the piano’s lid and pedal lyre. Next, the side leg is removed and the piano is lowered. The instrument is then cart-mounted. The piano’s final two legs are removed, and it’s wrapped in blankets. The piano is finally hauled out on a dolly. Grand pianos can fit through regular doorways when disassembled.

Serenity’s piano movers are experienced. Air-ride suspension and lift gates for safe loading and unloading. If you require local or long-distance piano moving, contact us.