What should you put in your Storage unit in NYC?

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Having a storage unit in NYC is extremely useful. Chances are, you’re living in a pretty small apartment that you’re already overpaying for. For a lot of people, getting a bigger living space in NYC is out of the question. Over time, people like to collect random stuff. There may be a point where you just can’t fit it all, and there is no way you can see yourself part with it. If you’re moving from a house to an apartment, then you’ll definitely want to store some stuff away. So you might be wondering, what should I put in my storage unit? Well, we at Serenity Storage have the answer to all of your storage needs. Get a storage unit in NYC!

Family Heirlooms

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Often times, when people are moving into a smaller space, they have to decide what to do with their family heirloom, there’s a small chance you’d actually want to get rid of it, especially if it was passed down in your family for generations. Maybe you have a giant cabinet filled with your great grandmother’s china, or maybe you have an old rifle from the civil war. In any case, putting it in a storage unit is the safest and cheapest option for keeping your living space comfortable, and still holding onto your family heirloom. The Serenity storage facility is monitored 24/7 to ensure that everything is safe and your valuables are secure.

Your seasonal clothes

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Having a storage unit will do you wonders when trying to organize your clothes. A Serenity Storage unit is perfect for storing all of your puffy winter jackets in the summer, and all of your shorts and swimwear in the winter. A lot of people find that they keep their giant snow boots or even snow shovels in there. It’s one of those things that a lot of people don’t think about, and it ends up taking up more space in their closet and dressers. So, instead of moving to a more expensive place, a storage unit might be your best bet.



Furniture is great for a storage unit, not only will it save you money on the move, but it can also save you money when you’re trying to situate yourself. Maybe you have a big arm chair that you haven’t quite found the space for in your apartment. In the meantime, placing it in a storage unit in NYC will give you some time to figure out what you want to do with your furniture. Maybe you’re moving from a house to an apartment and you just have too much furniture to fit your new living space, or maybe you just want to just save some money on the initial move, furniture in a storage unit is a great idea!

The simple things you love

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Living spaces are special, and it may be filled with a ton of stuff that you love and can’t get rid of. But maybe you also have some stuff that you love but you don’t need around you all the time. Perhaps you have a huge library of books that you just don’t have space for on your shelf, or maybe you have a lot of other cool things that take up space, so why not get a storage unit in NYC?

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