3 Big Reasons to Select a Local Moving Company

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People who are moving and aren’t familiar with local moving companies tend to choose large national chains with a recognizable name. You may get a recommendation from someone who has used the company in the past, or there are certainly reviews available online. It’s always smart to research any company before making a selection, and here are three major considerations too make if you are considering a national chain instead of a local moving company.

National chain moving companies are individually owned franchises.

While franchise owners and operators are required to follow franchise guidelines, there is no reason to believe you’ll get the same quality of service that your friend or online reviewer received.

Independent local movers, on the other hand, do not need to be concerned about other franchise owners who work under their name. They work hard to keep their reputation as good as it can be, knowing that the quality of their services (including customer service) will be spread via word-of-mouth and online reviews. When you hear a recommendation for a local moving company, it’s most often an accurate indication of what you can expect for your move.

Local movers know the neighborhoods.

This is probably the most important reason to hire local when moving in New York City. Last year we wrote a blog about 5 Ways a New York City Mover Can Reduce Stress. We spoke about these aspects of moving in New York City that require specific local knowledge:

  • One-way streets, parking regulations, and loading/unloading zones
  • Walk-ups vs. freight elevators
  • Building codes and requirements, such as permitted moving hours, insurance, and equipment

If a company isn’t familiar with Manhattan and the other city boroughs, you may be in for unwanted surprises (and expenses) on moving day.

Local moving companies can deal with jobs of any size, often at a lower price.

Smaller companies can take on the little jobs that large chains may not want, and the price is often better. Large moving companies have a flat hourly rate that includes standard labor and services charges that may not apply to a local or smaller move. Local movers tend to be less expensive as they have less overhead and a more custom package. Take a look at Serenity Movers Moving Price Guarantee to see how we can offer a “no-surprises” move in New York City.

If you’re moving crosstown or inter-borough, choose NYC local movers, such as Serenity Movers, for a knowledgeable and affordable moving experience.

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