How to save money on packing materials

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So you’re at the stage of moving where you have to start packing up everything. You might be thinking, where am I going to get all of these boxes and how much is it going to cost me? Well, Serenity Movers, your local NYC movers and office movers, has some packing tips and tricks to help make your packing more efficient, as well as how to save money on packing materials. Follow our NYC moving checklist, to learn what else to do while moving in NYC.

Ask around for boxes

how to save money on packing materials

Go around your neighborhood and ask local businesses for any spare boxes. Most would be happy to give them to you, as they usually end up throwing them away anyways. Some good places to check out are supermarkets, convenient stores, liquor stores, or if you live in a large apartment complex, go to your local recycling area and take some boxes from there. These businesses will give you boxes in all shapes and sizes, which will eventually accommodate any item you may need.  


Use clothes as packing materials

how to save money on packing materials

This is a two for one packing tip. Take any t-shirt (or any other articles of clothing) and wrap them up to create a cushion in your boxes. This can be a good substitute for packing peanuts, and can help cushion any delicate objects. At the very least, it can help fill up any empty space within the box, and can save you some boxes when you are trying to pack your clothes.


Plastic boxes


If you’re moving into a new space that you need to have extra drawers or storage places, try buying a plastic storage bin. They are sturdy and secure, and can be used in a variety of ways. You can use these boxes for your new home, as well as for moving. They are on the expensive side, but they are reusable. If you have no space for these plastic boxes, try renting them. You can ask on craigslist, or ask around your circle of friends and family if they have any they can let you borrow. If you need more places to store your stuff, check out the Serenity Storage facility, where you can get a free month of storage. Serenity Storage has you covered!


Collect newspapers

how to save money on packing materials

This would be a good time to save any newspapers delivered to your house, go around your neighborhood and find any free newspapers and collect them! Use these newspapers to wrap up any delicate items, like dishes or vases. Be careful using newspapers because they may stain whatever you’re wrapping, and that’s not good. So use your own discretion when you wrapping up your stuff in newspapers.


Save packing peanuts

 how to save money on packing materials

You know this little annoying pieces of styrofoam that you find in your packages? Save those. They’ll be great for when you are packing up your boxes. It’ll probably be the only time you’ll ever find a use for these little things.


Moving in NYC is tough, and packing is an annoying part of the process. Check out Serenity Movers unpacking service to help save you time and energy from unpacking all of your belongings. If you sign up for a move with Serenity today, you can get up to $80 worth of free moving boxes to help you start your move off the right way. Do you know when is the best time to move in NYC? Check out our post to learn more!


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