How to set up appliances after a move


set up appliances after a move

Moving to NYC can be difficult, especially if you are moving from a house to an apartment, and you are bringing a ton of giant appliances with you. If you’re bringing everything from a microwave to a dishwasher, to your washer/dryer combo, you’re going to need to know how to set it up properly. Most people don’t have to set up giant appliances regularly, so it’s important to know how to do it properly. If you can’t move all of your appliances to your new home, hire a Serenity storage facility, if you book for six months you can get your Serenity Storage unit‘s first month free!

Before transporting all of your appliances, make sure you clean every inch of it. It’ll make your move that much more pleasant, and will at least prevent any smells or odors lingering in your appliances during the move. Here is our guide to setting up appliances in NYC, from your local NYC movers and office movers




Along with many of these other appliances, a decent amount of apartments in NYC have these appliances already installed inside them. However, there’s a chance you may not have one there already, so it’s worth knowing how to install it. After you spend all this money on a move to NYC, the last thing you’d want to do is hire someone to do something as simple as install a dishwasher. Here is a video to help you out installing your dishwasher.


Washer and Dryer


Ah, the washer and dryer combination. Both big appliances that need some planning to set up. When you’re moving in NYC These are particularly useful as you’re not going to want to drag your giant bag of clothes to a laundromat in the middle of January. Here is a very helpful video to installing your washer and dryer in your new apartment.



Microwave oven


Microwaves are one of the staples of modern society. Heat up any food in under a minute? Sounds perfect. I wouldn’t want to live without it. Many people have their microwave installed above their stove, and that can be tricky to set up.  When you bring your microwave into your new apartment, make sure you set it up properly.


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