Should you move as an Empty nester

Should you move as an Empty nester

Should you move as an Empty nester: While you’re raising your family, life is busy. You spend your days working to provide for everyone and your evenings helping with homework and racing to soccer games. During these busy years, it’s fun to think about the future and all the fun things you’ll do together when you have more time.

That’s why you should move as an empty nester. Moving allows you an escape from the work associated with the house you raised your kids in. It can be difficult to make a big change, especially when you have such sentimental and nostalgic feelings about your current home. But moving can offer you new and exciting opportunities–as well as a fresh page on which to start writing the next chapter of your life. Especially if you consider moving to NYC.

As a long-time NYC moving company, we’ve talked to lots of people in this situation. Here are some of the reasons empty nesters move from your local NYC movers and office movers. Maybe you’ll recognize your own situation in some of them. Be sure to check out our NYC moving checklist.

You Want More Discretionary Income

Should you move as an Empty nester

Downsizing your home can save you a lot of money. Not only can you reduce your rent or mortgage, but you’ll also save on heating, cooling, maintenance, yard work, and even furniture. These savings really add up, and you can use the money you save to do the things you’ve daydreamed about.

If you’ve always wanted to travel, downsizing might free up enough room in your budget to cover the costs. Maybe you need to speed up your saving for retirement; downsizing can help with that too. Whatever you want extra cash for, downsizing can help you to find it.

You Want More Free Time

Should you move as an Empty nester

With less maintenance and cleaning to do for your bigger home, you will have more free time. You could take up a new hobby or spend more time with friends. If you’ve been living in an area that you chose because it would be “good for the kids,” now might be the time to move to an area that’s good for you.

If you’re still working, maybe you’d like to shorten your commute so you have more time at home in the morning and evening. Consider ways that moving could give you more free time. It just might change your lifestyle and give you the leisure you’ve always wanted.

You Want Less Maintenance

Should you move as an Empty nester

When asked how they want to spend their retirement years, not many people say, “Doing home maintenance!” For people who stay in the homes they raised their kids in, however, that’s often the case. You have fewer people helping with the chores, but the chores still have to get done.

Moving to a smaller home with fewer maintenance demands can give you a break from the work you’ve been doing for so many years. Would you like to tradeĀ in your lawn mower for a simple potted plant on a patio? When you move as an empty nester, the choice is yours. Be sure to check out our apartment move-out checklist.

You Can Explore a New Area

Should you move as an Empty nester

Some people want to stay in the same neighborhood with the same friends for their whole lives, and that’s great. But other people would like to explore and get to know a new area. When your children move out, you begin a new phase of your life. Why not start your new phase in a new place? You’ll have new people to meet, new places to go, and a new life of your own.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons to move as an empty nester. If you have questions about moving, contact a reputable Manhattan moving company. We’d be happy to answer your questions and give you a free moving estimate. Check out our other moving blogs, and be sure to check out our moving promotions, where you can either get $100 off your next move or get $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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