Storage Insurance

Once you’ve decided that you need storage for your belongings, it’s time to get your stuff ready. Packing for storage is a bit different than packing for a move. With a move, you know your packed items will be seeing the light of day again soon, so your packing merely has to get your items safely from one place to another. Packing for storage requires a bit more attention. Use these tips as you prepare for storage from your NYC movers.

Choose the Right Boxes and Containers

The first step to success when packing for storage is to choose the right boxes and containers. Small boxes are best for heavy items like dishes and books. Large boxes work well for bedding, blankets, and linens. Avoid the temptation to store large, lightweight items like bedding in large trash bags because plastic bags tear easily and lack ventilation; they’re a recipe for mildew and other damage.

Pack the Right Amount

For your back’s sake you’ll want to avoid packing boxes with more than you can comfortably lift. It’s also wise to make sure that your boxes stay “square” and don’t bulge at the top. This will keep them from sliding off of each other in storage and damaging the contents. On the other hand, you don’t want to underpack boxes either because prolonged weight in underpacked boxes can lead to crushing the items beneath. Use packing peanuts and other quality packing materials to fill empty spaces.

Use Hanging Wardrobe Boxes

If you’re storing clothing, invest in a couple of hanging wardrobe boxes. Clothes last much longer when they have a little room to breath and when they’re not folded. Hanging wardrobe boxes are also helpful for storing high-quality drapes, table linens, and wall hangings.

Label Your Boxes

Trust us: you won’t remember what is packed in each of your boxes that you send to storage. That’s why clear labeling is so important. Use a heavy black marker to label the contents of each of your boxes and containers. If boxes have a definite top, draw an arrow showing which way your box should be facing. This is especially important for boxes containing glassware, lamps, and other breakables.

Make Your Items as Small as Possible

At Serenity Movers storage, we charge by the cubic foot, so it makes good financial sense to make your storage items as small as possible. For example, you can reduce the size of bed frames by wrapping them together with tape and putting screws in plastic bags taped to the frame. You can vacuum pack seasonal clothing to reduce the amount of space they occupy.

Use Good Tape

Not all packing tape is created equal, and you’ll find that cheap tape leads to frustration down the road. Securely seal your storage boxes with good quality tape when you’re packing for storage. This helps to ensure that your boxes’ structure is maintained during storage to protect your belongings. Firmly close the top and bottom flaps with wide packing tape for the best seal.

With your belongings expertly packed for storage, you’re ready to take advantage of our free storage pick-up. Contact us to schedule a time for our professional moving crew to come pick up your items for storage.