Storage pricing?


See how our prices compare!

Pay less for storage when you use the premiere storage facilities at Serenity Movers. Our storage facilities are second to none, and we’ve developed a storage pricing structure that sets us apart.

We don’t think it makes sense to pay for storage space you’re not using. Most people’s belongings don’t fill up pre-set storage facility room sizes, so most people end up paying for at least some empty space. In a place like New York City where space is precious, why not lower storage prices by allowing people to pay for just the space they use?

That’s why we, as NYC movers, developed a pricing structure based on cubic feet. You pay for the cubic space your belongings occupy, nothing more, nothing less. We like the flexibility this gives our customers and our customers like our lower prices. See our rates below:

When you pay less for storage, you have more money in your pocket for other expenses. Moving can be expensive in many ways, between apartment deposits, utility hook-ups, and renovations. You might as well save money where you can, and we think saving money on storage is a good place to start.

If you have questions about our storage pricing, feel free to contact us.