How to have a stress-free move


how to have a stress-free move

Moving, depending on how you handle it, can be an extremely stressful endeavor, which could end in a disaster if you don’t handle it correctly. Many people don’t plan out their moves correctly and make the mistake of saving everything to the end, or not hiring a moving company when they should. Check out our NYC moving checklist to figure out what you need to do before a move. Do you want to make your move in NYC an easy one? Well, we as NYC movers and office movers, have developed a guide on how to have a stress-free move. Learn about some our moving tips as well before you begin the moving process. office movers, have developed a guide on how to have a stress-free move. Learn about some our moving tips as well before you begin the moving process.


Plan ahead

how to have a stress-free move

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to move to a new home is that they don’t plan enough and wait until the last minute to establish a plan. However, saving the moving planning process to the end is a big mistake. It’s very important to plan out your move as soon as possible, and plan in advance. Moving takes time, as seen through a timeline to a successful move, it can take months to properly plan. It’s important to understand that it takes a lot of time to plan a move and to make it, even more, stress-free, make sure you establish a budget.

A budget is going to give you a concrete idea about how much you are able to spend on your move. Which will leave you less stressed, as you won’t be in a situation where you end up spending more money than you should because you didn’t establish a budget. Check out our guide on how to establish a moving budget in NYC and how to estimate the cost of your move.


Hire a moving company

how to have a stress-free move

A lot of people try to move on their own, and often times, it can be very stressful. There are a lot of aspects of moving people do not consider when they plan out a move without the help of a professional moving company. For example, it’s the day of the move, and suddenly the friends that agreed to help you move did not show up. At this point, you are stuck in a stressful situation that you have no immediate way to fix. Other factors include driving a vehicle like a Uhaul truck, which you may have never done before, as well as actually carrying all of your belongings and putting it on a truck. It takes a physical toll on your body and can risk serious injury. If you hire a moving company in NYC, all of these problems go away and creates a less stressful move.


Hire a cleaning company

how to have a stress-free move

One of the most stressful aspects of moving day, that is often overlooked, is cleaning your old apartment before you move out and cleaning your new apartment once you get there. In an ideal world, your landlord would make sure your apartment is clean before you step in the door. However, that may not be the case. The last thing you want to do on move in day is clean your new apartment. So why not hire a cleaning company to clean the apartment beforehand? They’ll make sure everything is spotless once you leave your old apartment and make sure you walk into a clean new home. Serenity has partnered up with NY Brite and is offering 3 hours of cleaning for $90.


Whether you are moving in Manhattan, moving in Brooklyn, or moving in any of the other boroughs, it can be stressful moving in NYC. By following our moving blogs, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision and make the entire moving process much less stressful.  Make sure to check out our moving promotions where you can get $100 off your next move or $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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