Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics


Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics

Moving in NYC is tough and electronics have become some of our most valuable tools and possessions in this modern age. We use them for everything from banking to checking on kids to watching television. So when it comes to moving, packing electronics is a priority.

Since electronics are both expensive and fragile, they require a little extra special care. If you’re wondering how to pack electronics for your upcoming move, you’ve come to the right place, your local NYC movers, and office movers. We’ve put together ten tips on how to pack electronics to help you safely get your electronics from your old home to your new home.

1. Use Original Packaging

If you still have the original packaging for your computers, phones, stereos, televisions, camcorders, and other electronics, by all means, use it! Your electronics’ original packaging was designed to prevent it from getting damaged when it was originally shipped. It was designed for each device’s exact weight and dimensions. It’s ideal.

If you’ve thrown out the original packaging, however, all is not lost. Your NYC moving company sells moving boxes, and they probably have a box and packing materials that will work well for any item you need to move. You may also be able to find free boxes on Craigslist or from your local grocer. Check out our guide to 8 places to get free moving boxes as well as How to unpack after your move.

2. Take Photos of Cord Configurations

If the back side of your television looks like a labyrinth of plugs and cords, take a picture of the configuration before you start disconnecting cords. You will appreciate your foresight later on when you’re trying to put everything back together at your new place. It can also be helpful to take pictures of computer and printer configurations and anything else that you haven’t had to set up recently.

3. Check Manufacturers’ Instructions

Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics

Some electronics are particularly finicky and don’t follow conventional guidelines. If you’re unsure about how to pack an electronic item or prepare it for storage, read through the owner’s manual or search for the manual online. If you can’t find specific instructions, just use your best judgment.

4. Color-Code Cords

Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics

You can save yourself a lot of time later on if you color-code your cords when you pack. For example, put a pink sticker on your stereo and another pink sticker on your stereo power cord. If you don’t have multi-colored stickers, just use masking tape and different colored markers.

5. Find Out About Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have to put your items in storage for a period of time, ask about climate control for your electronics. Plasma televisions don’t do well with extreme temperatures, and audio gear can be damaged when exposed to excessive humidity. Most storage facilities offer climate-controlled units; ask if they have one available for your electronics. Check out Serenity Storage facilities for more information.

6. Minimize Dust

Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics

Dust can wreak havoc on electronic devices, and moving can be a messy, dusty affair. To protect your electronics from dust, clean them carefully and then wrap them in linen or clean paper before putting them in moving boxes or their original boxes.

7. Be Generous With the Packing Tape

Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics

Again, to keep dust out of your electronics, seal your boxes completely with packing tape. This step will also help to protect your electronics from some moisture. Be sure to seal even the creases along the edges of your boxes.

8. Label Your Boxes Thoroughly

Ten Tips on How to Pack Electronics

Like we mentioned earlier, we moderns are pretty reliant on our electronics. You’ll probably want to find and unpack your electronics long before you feel a need to unpack your board game collection. Label your boxes clearly and list the components in each box. This will help you as you reassemble your electronics and put your new home in order.

9. Back Up Computer FilesTen Tips on How to Pack Electronics

It’s almost too awful to think about, but sometimes accidents do happen during moves, and you’d hate to lose precious computer files if a simple back-up could have saved them. That’s why it’s so important to create back-ups of all of your files before you disassemble your computers and pack them for moving.

10. Wrap Your Cords Neatly and Label ThemTen Tips on How to Pack Electronics

It’s tempting to toss all of your cords into a box without taking the time to wrap them up, but resist the urge. You’ll be tired at the end of the move, and the last thing you want to do is sit crouched over a box full of tangled electronic cords, trying to figure out which tangled cord goes with which device. Use rubber bands or twist ties to keep cords from tangling, and label them carefully. It helps to pack them with their devices instead of in one big cord box.

Talk with your NYC moving company about any unusual electronic items that need extra consideration. When packing electronics, take your time and treat them with kid gloves. Soon you’ll be enjoying them in your new home. Contact Serenity Movers today to get a Free Quote and if you call now you can take advantage of our moving promotions! You can either get $80 worth off free moving boxes or $100 off your next move.

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