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3 hrs of cleaning for only $90
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Professional Cleaners for your Residential Move

Cleaning is the last thing anyone wants to do when they are moving into a new home. So why not hire some professionals? Serenity Movers has paired up with NY Brite to help you clean before you Move in AND after you Move out. For a limited time, NY Brite is offering 3 hours of cleaning for only $90.

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Ny Brite: Because everyone deserves to have a bright future


“NY Brite has done an excellent job cleaning my apartment every two weeks for many years . They are hard-working and always on time, NY Brite is highly dependable, extremely trustworthy and pays close attention to details.”  -Plumi G

“Quality and professionalism in cleaning! NY Brite is one of the best cleaning services I have ever used.” -Eli. Z

“Great service and my apartment is shining again!” -Barak R