A timeline to an office move

Please include attribution to with this graphic. An office move can be a difficult, and stressful task for any business, especially if you are moving in NYC. There is a is a lot that goes into a commercial move, and you need to establish a timeline to an office move. However, you should determine why you need to move. Are you looking to move because you need a change of scenery? Do you need a bigger office space? Do you want to rebrand your company? It’s important to know if it is necessary to move your office right now, or if it can wait a few more years. Check out our guide on when to move into a new office, what to do before an office move, from your local NYC movers and office movers.  To learn more about moving in New York, make sure you check out a timeline to a successful move, as well as out NYC moving checklist.

12-18 months before- Assess everything and determine your budget

A timeline to an office move This is the time to understand what you are planning to take with you. Determine how much how much furniture, electronics, appliances, and other office supplies you would need to transport. If you buy new furniture, the moving cost could come out cheaper. Determine a budget during this period, and understand how much you can spend on renting a new place, as well as the overall cost of the move. Learn more about how to establish a moving budget in NYC.

10 months before- Pick a new office

A timeline to an office move Once you have determined your budget, it’s time to look into different office spaces and determine where would be the best fit for your business. Look all around your local rental listings to find a space that caters to your needs. When you are moving in Manhattan, it is important to take the time and care to find the space that works for you. Make sure you pick a location that is not only an upgrade to your current workspace but is also convenient to your employees once they move. Establish someone to be your moving coordinator at this time as well.

9 months before- Hire a moving company

A timeline to an office move Hiring a moving company for a commercial move is essential. Most moving companies will give you free estimate as to how much the move will cost, and will be able to help you prepare in the following months leading up to your move as to what you should do. Remember, do not use your current employees to move your office. Most office employees are not trained to move large furniture and could risk an injury. Learn more about how to hire a moving company in NYC.

8 months before- Create a floor plan

A timeline to an office move At this point, work with your moving company to create a floor plan of your new office, and figure out what you should and should not take with you to your new office, and determine how everything is going to be laid out.

6 months before- Start packing

A timeline to an office move Packing is ultimately going to take up a lot of your time because there are so much to pack in a commercial move. This is going to be one of the most time-consuming aspects of your move and it is important to set time aside to make sure it happens while running your business at the same time. Order new furniture for your for future office space if you choose not to bring the furniture you already have. Remember to reserve elevators in you new building for move-in day, it will help you avoid elevator traffic. Learn about 8 places to get free moving boxes in NYC, as well as how to save money on packing materials.

3 months before- Get insurance

Make sure you start looking at insurance on your new office space. It is important to do this now because it takes time process, and you don’t want to work in an office space that is uninsured.  Also, start getting rid of any of files and old materials you won’t need for the new office, as there is going to be a lot of it, and it will make the week before move-in day easier.

1 month before- Update businesses information

A timeline to an office move One month before the move is the time to update all of your business information online, as well as your business cards. Make sure to call your local vendors and let them know the change in address as well. Check out what should you do with the bills. Also, confirm your move-in day plans with the building and moving company around this time.

One week before move in

At this point, make sure you inspect the building one last time and pack up all of the important days to day stuff, which includes computers and whatever is on your desk. Take care of some last minute things you need to do before the big move-in day and let the moving company take care of the rest! To learn more about the timeline to an office move, check out our infographic detailing the office move and how to plan it out.