Tips for moving a small office to NYC

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tips for moving a small office in NYC

In today’s increasingly interconnected business world, people make transactions from anywhere in the world. But to truly succeed, to truly do deals, businesses with national and international reach need an office in New York City.

From a high level, moving in NYC and moving a small office to the greatest city in the world may sound simple–find a space, sign a lease and start doing business.

In reality, relocating to New York is much more complicated. Here are four tips for moving a small office to NYC, from your local NYC movers and office movers, where deals get done.


Start early

tips for moving a small office to NYC

Finding office space in New York isn’t like finding office space in any other city in the United States. Even in down economies, office space is at a premium. It can take up to a year to secure an office area that is right for small businesses.

The lengthy amount of time it takes is due to the need to hire a realtor or find a broker, the search and negotiation process and the amount of paperwork involved with actually signing a lease in the city. As one would expect, renting space in the largest city in the country includes a significant amount of red tape and paperwork.

At the very least, companies should budget nine months for the move–from the time they start looking for space to the time they open their doors for business.


Work with professionals

tips for moving a small office to NYC

Because securing office space in New York City is such a competitive proposition, it’s important to work with professional. That means signing on with a realtor or broker and hiring a professional NYC moving company.

Experienced realtors and brokers can help small businesses quickly and efficiently find the right space at the right time. They can also handle the extensive paperwork that comes with leasing any property in the city.

Professional movers will help ensure that property gets to the new office in tact and on time. They will also help with pre-move planning and strategy, which can allow businesses’ employees to stay focused on clients and day-to-day operations.

Hiring professionals adds some upfront costs, but you will save businesses money in the long run as movers ensure they will address any that foreseen (and unforeseen) problems. Make sure you look into hiring a locksmith company as well.

Consider location

tips for moving a small office to NYC

New York’s five boroughs each have unique scenes. Manhattan is home to the financial district. The other boroughs, while not as internationally recognized for business, are home to pockets of creativity and enterprise as well.

Queens, for example, is home to a thriving creative class of advertising and public relations agencies. The Bronx houses a burgeoning packing and manufacturing area.

The bottom line for any company moving an office to New York is to look for space close to the businesses with which it hopes to do business.

Consider secondary cost

tips for moving a small office to NYCHaving an office in New York results in higher sales and deals. It can also result in increased costs–for businesses as well as employees. Employee costs include living expenses, the commuting to and from work and the cost of daily living.

When choosing a location for a small business office, look for one that is close to the subway and affordable housing. Consider spaces in row housing units that have been converted to offices–which will reduce the cost per square foot. Also remember that the more trendy the office looks and is decorated, the more expensive it will be to rent.

Don’t be swayed by trend, fashion and the hustle and bustle of the city. The number one reason to move an office to New York is to do business, not get sucked into the excitement of it all. Check out our guide on when is the best time to move in NYC? as well our NYC moving checklist, and how to unpack after your move. We also have a series office moving guides, one of which is 6 tips to a successful office move and what to do before you move an office. Check out Serenity Movers moving promotions. You can get $100 off your next move, and $80 worth of free moving boxes. 

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