Top 10 unexpected moving costs

Top 10 unexpected moving costs

Moving can be expensive, especially if you don’t anticipate all the associated costs. Ask any NYC moving company or group of office movers, and they’ll be able to tell you stories about people who have run into financial trouble because they simply didn’t count on unexpected moving costs.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the Top 10 unexpected moving costs you might not have thought of. Once you know about them, you can plan the into your budget and avoid unpleasant surprises. Make sure you take a look at our NYC moving checklist, our timeline to a successful move, and how to estimate the cost of your move to see what you should expect.

1 – Increases in Insurance Rates

Top 10 unexpected moving costs

Your insurance rates may change based on your new address, both for auto insurance and for homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Whether these rates go up or down depends on your location. Hopefully, you’ll be one of the lucky ones whose insurance decreases with their move. The only way to find out is to contact your insurance company and get your new rates. If you’re faced with higher insurance premiums, you can always shop around to see if you can find a better deal.

2 – Damage to Your Old Apartment

If you’ve caused any damage to your old apartment, you may be charged for carpet cleaning, repairs, paint, or other fixes. Many people don’t realize the damage until they’ve already moved their furniture and belongings out. With everything gone, the damage may be obvious. In most cases, landlords will take payment for the damages out of the security deposit. If you were counting on your security deposit to help pay for your move, this can be a blow.

3 – Utility Fees

Top 10 unexpected moving costs


Depending on your utility companies, you may have to pay fees for connecting, disconnecting, or transferring service to your new home. To find out how much you’ll have to pay (if any), contact your utility companies ahead of time. Learn about what you should do with the bills.

4 – Purchasing New Items

Top 10 unexpected moving costsWhen you move into your new home, you’ll probably need to purchase some new furnishings, appliances, or housewares. For instance, you may not have enough window coverings for your new place. Does your new apartment have washer and dryer hookups? If so, you may need to purchase a set. Aside from big-ticket items like furniture and appliances, you’ll probably have to purchase smaller things like cleaning supplies and laundry detergent. It all adds up! Check out our guide on how to set up appliances after a move.

5 – Storage

Top 10 unexpected moving costsIf you’re not able to move into your new place immediately, you may need to store your belongings temporarily. Although short-term storage isn’t very expensive, it can be a real strain on your budget if you weren’t anticipating the cost. Ask your NYC movers for storage recommendations.

6 – Dining

Top 10 unexpected moving costs

Once your kitchen is packed up, it can be very difficult to eat at home. Most people find that they eat out much more than usual while they’re moving, or they resort to having food delivered while they’re working. If you set aside some cash for dining, you’ll be much less stressed (and better fed) during your move.

7 – Packing Materials

Top 10 unexpected moving costs

Moving boxes, tape, plastic wrap, and other packing materials can all add up to a big unexpected cost. There are ways to cut down on the expense of packing materials if you’re willing to do some work. You can gather boxes from local grocers, especially from their produce departments. Liquor stores are also great places to get sturdy boxes, the kind that works well for packing dishes and books. If you have friends or neighbors who moved recently, they may be happy to give you their boxes so they don’t have to recycle them. Check out 8 places to get free moving boxes. Be sure to check out our guide on how to unpack after a move.

8 – Babysitting or Kennel Services

Packing and moving with small children or pets around can be quite challenging. Many people hire babysitters or take their pets to a kennel to keep them safely out of the way during the move.

9 – Cleaning Supplies

Top 10 unexpected moving costs

You probably have standard household cleaning supplies in your home right now, but moving sometimes requires extra cleaning supplies. You might want to rent a do-it-yourself carpet cleaner or even hire out the carpet cleaning. If you’re short on time, you may need to hire out the entire job. Here are 8 reasons why you should hire a cleaning company for your move.

10 – Miscellaneous Fees

Top 10 unexpected moving costs

If you’re moving to NYC from another city or state, you may need to get a new driver’s license or an animal license for your pet. Registering your car and starting a membership at a new gym can be expensive. Even if each of these fees is minimal, together they add up.

For the best results, create a budget for your move several months in advance. When you anticipate these “hidden” costs, you can face your move confidently. You’ll be prepared. Another way to save money on your move is to work with an NYC moving company provides excellent services for budget-conscious customers. We’re here to help. We look forward to hearing from you. Check out our moving promotions and get $100 off your next move, or $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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