What to do before you move an office

What to do before you move an office

Moving an office and moving in NYC can be something a lot of people don’t want to do. Nobody was hired to work an office, just to worry about moving facilities. There are many things that go into an office move, and you can check out our 6 tips to a successful office move from your local NYC moversHowever, there is a lot of prep work that goes into an office move, even before you hire a moving company in NYC. So here are some tips as to what to do before you move an office from your office movers

Clean Clean Clean

What to do before you move an office

When you work in an office space for an extended period of time, you realize how much clutter and junk fills up the facility. When you are moving, make sure to clean out your desks and filing cabinets. Make sure to go behind any big cabinets and pieces of furniture to clean all of the papers and dust that have accumulated over the years. When you are cleaning, make sure to keep any important company information and your own personal valuables safe. You don’t want something to get accidentally lost in the shuffle and be responsible for losing something important to the company. Learn the 8 reasons to hire a cleaning company for your move!

Organization is key

What to do before you move an office

When you are moving in NYC, especially if you are moving in Manhattan. there is a lot you need to take into account. Especially, when you are moving an office with a lot of different files, furniture, and tons of supplies. So when you are moving an office, make sure that you organize everything very carefully. Put labels on all of the boxes to indicate what it is inside it. It’ll make your move a lot easier, especially when you are unpacking all of these boxes. When you are organizing everything, make sure to make a floor plan in your new office space, so you can figure out exactly where everything should go, and what you can take with you. It will save you more time and energy while you are actually packing and moving.


What to do before you move an office

When you are moving furniture, chances are, not everything is going to fit through the door. When you first moved to your fancy new office space, maybe you built everything once you were already through the doors. Well, now it is time to take everything apart. When you are taking apart furniture, make sure you keep all of the bolts and screws in a concentrated and organized place. It will be a huge nightmare if you lose any of these pieces or mix them together once you move into your new space and try to build everything.

When you are moving an office in NYC, you should know how to hire a moving company in NYC. Chances are, if you use your current employees to move your office, there will be some mishaps and errors that an NYC moving company won’t make. Don’t use your employees for an office move, hire an NYC Moving Company. Serenity Movers has years of experiences of moving offices. Check out our guide to 5 things you should know before moving to a high rise building in Manhattan. Serenity Movers also has some incredible moving promotions. You get $100 off your next move, or you can get $80 worth of free moving boxes. Call today to get a free quote!

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