When is it time to move?

When is it time to move?

Whether, you are young, in your early 20s, or a senior citizen, there may be a reason to move in NYC. As a group of NYC movers and office movers, we have seen it all and heard every reason as to why people want to move out of their old home. It also helps that there are so many options to choose from in when moving in NYC. There are so many different neighborhoods, each with their own qualities and characteristics. Whether you are moving in Queens, moving in Brooklyn, or even moving in Manhattan, you may ask yourself, when is it time to move? Well, we at Serenity movers have compiled a list, giving the most common reasons as to when people want to move in NYC.



When is it time to move?

For a lot of people, money is the biggest factor in an NYC move. Rent and property value is pretty high in NYC comparatively to other parts of the country. So for a lot of people, a slight increase in rent can mean it’s time to find a new home. It’s very rare to find a rent controlled or even rent stabilized apartment in NYC, so you always run the risk of your landlord increasing the rent. Which means it could be time to move into a different apartment. Even though NYC can be expensive to live in, there are still options for everyone who wants to live in the city. However, you may also want to move into a new apartment because you are making more money. Maybe you got a promotion at your job and are looking to make an upgrade in your life. Either way, money is a big factor in deciding when it is time to move in NYC.


Change of scenery

When is it time to move?

Another reason to move can be completely unrelated to money. It can be that you just need a change in your life. Have you been living in the same apartment for the last five years? Is your longtime roommate starting to get on your nerves? Maybe you’re just sick of living in the same neighborhood, and what it has to offer. Either way, it might be beneficial to move into a new area.


Moving in with your partner and/or starting a family

When is it time to move?

Have you met that special someone? After some time, you may want to move in with each other, which is awesome! But, chances are you two are going to want to live in an apartment without any roommates. It could be time to move into a new home. If you are already cozy in your one bedroom apartment but are looking to start a family, it is important to move into a bigger home, especially if you are expecting to have multiple children.


Empty nest syndrome

When is it time to move?

Have your kids left to college? Are they living in their own apartments and are financially stable? Maybe your home is too big now that your kids have left. It could be time to move into a different home. Even though you may have fond memories of the home you raised your kids in, it could be time to downsize your home.


Moving to NYC is a tough and stressful endeavor. However,  We at Serenity moves, a group of NYC movers, are here to help. Check out our other moving blogs, and be sure to check out our moving promotions, where you can either get $100 off your next move or get $80 worth of free moving boxes.

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